1 Person Tents From Hilleberg And Terra Nova

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A tent capable of withstanding heavy storms

Hilleberg Akto 1 Person Tent

Akto is a stable solo tent that can be used for all season protection on backpacking trips. It has enough room for comfortably sitting and sleeping and it's packing down very small. The outer tent fabric is durable and waterproof Hilleberg Kerlon 1200 that has the best strength to weight ratio. The poles are 9 mm, which makes for a super lightweight and stable tent.

The large vestibule running along the right side provides ample space for gear storage, a good wind break, and is large enough to cook in. There is also a small beaked window in the vestibule to provide ventilation in the event of external precipitation. In addition, the Akto has vents on the front and back end of the tent that let you regulate airflow between the fly and the inner tent. It is possible to eliminate nearly all internal condensation using the vestibule vent and by opening the screen window on the inner tent.

Every Hilleberg tent comes with outer tent, inner tent, guy lines with line runners and poles. The two wall construction breathes well in the winter without getting the inner tent soaked. The inner and outer tent are connected but separable for simultaneous pitching. Outer tent goes all the way to the ground for stable all weather protection. It has a single vestibule configuration. The outside fly overhangs the vent opening and helps prevent blowing rain from wetting the inner tent. The yellow inner tent lets a lot of day light inside.

The tent is easy to set up even in wind and stays dry when setting up in the rain. The motivation behind the Akto’s design was to let a backpacker pitch their tent in the rain without the inner tent getting wet. Hilleberg made it possible to pitch the outer first and then hang the inner tent inside it. The inner hangs from loops inside the outer fly so that the two can be pitched together at the same time or you can pitch the outer and hang the inner separately. It makes it very simple to set up and keeps the inner tent dry and away from the rain. Pitching the inner tent alone requires optional pole holders. It can be replaced with a mesh inner tent which would make this a summer tent. The guy lines are very simple, basic pitching requires only four pegs in the head and foot end guy lines.

The tent features integrated door and vents, plus fiberglass rodsand zipper flaps. The mesh areas are backed with adjustable fabric panels. When the outer tent walls extend to the ground, the mesh moves with it freely.

The tunnel construction makes maximum space. Single entrance allows for easy access and good storage space. The tent is high enough to sit upright. The roof is 36 inches high which gives you quite a bit of headroom for a 4 season tent.

The Akto also incorporates some of the best venting options available against internal condensation. It's one of the most breathable tents. Ventilation is from both ends and a vent with two large flaps at either end of the tent above the door, helping to minimize condensation. Big zipper loops make it easy to zip and unzip.

This is a solo tent with true all season function that has proven itself on extended polar expeditions. If you take longer trips in mixed conditions with rain and snow, the Akto would be a suitable tent.

Setting up this tent in the rain is where you can truly appreciate its design. With many tents you set up, the inner tent suspends from the poles, and then you stretch a fly over the top of the poles. The Akto's design instead has the fly suspended by the single hoop pole, and the inner tent suspends from the fly. In result, during set up, the fly is always covering the inner, and thus the inner is never exposed to the exterior elements.

If you are serious about solo camping and backpacking regardless of the weather this tent is a must. Its design hasn't changed in 10 years and doesn't need to. It is especially good for long trips of any kind, in any season, where light weight is a high priority.

akto tent 




The lightest self-supporting solo tent in the world!

Terra Nova Solar Photon 1 Person Tent

Solar Photon is a high rated lightweight dedicated pole supported tent for three-season trips. With its sturdy and stable design, it can stand anywhere without stakes.

Made from cutting-edge fabrics, it's designed especially for super light solo backpacking.

Innovative inner-tent shape provides maximum space to sit up and access the porch, while the single pole finish at the foot end keeps the space required to pitch it to a minimum.

The tent packs small, has the largest vestibule in class, solid nylon inner walls shed spin drift and condensation droplets. It has a full-length porch area.

Don't leave the tent unanchored in windy conditions, it could blow away.

You will need to seal the seams on it to fully waterproof it. Due to the super light nature of the material used, the manufacturer was unable to factory seal the seams in a conventional method. Seams are positioned and sewn in a way that minimizes water penetration. You could add further protection with seam sealer, for full waterproofness.

Terra Nova has developed a range of tents for traveling through the roughest and toughest terrains. Solar Photon can be used as a tent for two people on campsites where you only use the tent to sleep in.It is best travelers tent for a minimalist single backpacker who demands quality and is willing to pay the price.

terra nova tent

Terra Nova Solar Photon 1 Person Tent



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