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Salida 2-Person Camping Tent: An Great All-Around Lightweight Tent!


The Kelty Salida 2 is a basic three season minimalist backpacking tent designed for two people.

It's an user friendly and versatile tent, well ventilated on four sides with a great view of the stars at night.


The tent is sturdy thanks to mesh wall panels and a solid two-pole support system. The floor is durable and resists rips and abrasion. The nylon is extremely good quality with no moisture build-up in the mornings.

Weather proof design

It does well in heavy winds and rain.

You could throw the rain fly on in less than 30 seconds thanks to the clip in fastening system and tight it to the base with simple adjustment straps. The double-wall dome fly keeps you dry no matter how wet is the weather. Even if you use the tent without a ground tarp to save on weight, you wont have any water issues. There is a front cover to protect bags.


In horrible weather this little tent holds firm and do not leak a single drop. The fly has guy lines that keep well in a heavy wind.

Brilliant and simple design

Salida is a a free-standing tent, very easy and quick to set up and take down. It takes you only 5 minutes to set it up, including staking it down and getting the rain cover on. The directions are simple and the rain cover is color coded.

The cross-poles design holds up the tent and fly without pegs. You only need one peg for the vestibule. This means you can use the tent in rocky areas.

Inside the tent there are loops on the roof for an included mesh gear loft. There's also a center loop if you want to hang a lamp. All four corners have small pockets to hold some of your gear.
There are fasteners to hold the main door open. With all doors open, you get a nice panoramic view of the outdoors through the front of the tent.

two person tent salidaThe zippers operate smoothly without catching the flaps. The poles are attatched externally, clipped on, with no pushing through tent seams.

The nylon is extremely good quality, so no moisture build-up in the morning.



Tent with nice balance between weight, durability and comfort

Hilleberg Anjan 2 Person Tent

It's a tent with many features found on four-season tents, spacious and strong for its weigh, weather resistant for all types of three-season activities. The design of the tent is made to keep the elements out. The Kerlon 1000 material is durable and the tent can withstand 60+ mph winds.

You can configure this non-freestanding tent in many ways: as floor-less, partial tarp shelter, and 3 sides rolled up

The Anjan is quite simple to setup in less than 5 minutes. You need to perform few steps to get the tent up. Two poles and tension from guy lines hold the tent upright. The tent pitches from the outside, which is fast and convenient, no need for the inner tent to be pitched first.

Tunnel design creates enough space, allowing two people to get in and out and to move around in the tent easily. This construction offers maximum space to weight ratio and requires only four pegs for pitching. The Anjan's vestibule is the largest of all single door tents!

It is two tents in one. Linked but separable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching. It is possible to use the outer, the inner tent, or both. The big tent can be pitched and used as a shelter, as a gathering or gear organizing area. It allows you to quickly create a floorless covered space, if you are soaking wet after walking in the rain.

You can set up just the inner tent in case there is no rain expected, using the poles. Their sleeves can take an extra set of poles for super rough weather. The tent comes with one extra pole section!

The Anjan employs the strongest fabric used on any backpacking tent and a metal hardware for friction adjustments and connection points. The inner tent is made of a solid nylon fabric that blocks blowing sand and snow, and sheds condensation that drips from the roof.

The tent is very well ventilated. By design, the Anjan's outer tent does not go all the way to the ground, leaving space for constant air flow while still providing protection from bad weather. For more venting in warm weather, both the front and the back ends can be rolled away. Bathtub floor comes up higher than most others to protect from splashback and spindrift.

Stable in the wind, this tent offers reliable protection from all of the elements. It can be your single tent for all mobile adventures, including backpacking, kayaking, car camping, or bicycle touring. It is much easier to pitch the tent in inclement weather. When you reach your next destination you have a nice dry tent to climb into.

anjan 2 person





Did you know? Compared to a tent, hammock is lighter and more comfortable!

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