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Arcteryx Men's Motus LS Crew

Although originally meant for runners, the Motus crew works great in a variety of conditions.

The Motus LS Crew is a technically-designed, trim fitting long sleeve shirt for a wide range of high-output and aerobic-intensive activities. Extremely light yet durable, it is superior to other brands which are bulkier, heavier, and suffer from poorer fits.

The anatomical design of the Motus fits your body nice and the sleeves are long enough to cover your arms. The construction’s stretch eliminates the need for elastic yarns retaining moisture and allows a performance fit that moves with the body. The sheer construction makes the shirt very light, airy, and comfortable.

The fabric is soft and silky smooth and feels much better than cheaper synthetics, so you're always comfortable. Made of technical piece iPhasic SL, an advanced bi-component fabric, composed of multidimensional polyester yarns that wick moisture from the fibre plus polypropylene yarns with encapsulated silver ions for long-lasting odour control. Polypropylene gives a soft touch to the hydrophobic jersey knit textile with mechanical stretch. The material is very light weight, wicks moisture, dries quickly and disperses odours. The smooth outer face slides easily under other layers. Hydrophobic fibers next to the skin prevent you from feeling clammy when you're cooling down.

You can use the shirt for aerobic activities you expect to perspire. You can wear it on a super-hot day with no sunburn. It provides outstanding sun protection so you don't have to apply sunscreen to your arms. A tough of UV protection gives you the confidence to stay out without worrying about skin damage.

motus long sleeve shirtThis breathable sleeve shirt is what you need to regulate your body temperature during all 3 seasons. Even when the temps are rising into the mid 70's to 80's, it feels like you're wearing nothing. It breathes so well, that a light wind will cool you even in direct sun. The material keeps you dry and it stretches to the movement of your body. The fabric wicks away sweat very well and even if you sweat profusely, it will not stick to your body.

The Arc'teryx Motus Crew Long Sleeve is a technically-designed, next-to-skin, fashionable top with a longer hip-length cut that works with shorts and tights. It fits the body athletically. The arms are just the right length, seams are all extremely flat. Flatlock construction reduces chafing. It doesn’t rub or chaff, even after hours on the trail.

The shirt has lower volume for reduced bulk. Use it as base layer or alone. Arc'teryx trim fit is sized for a base layer and a trim synthetic or down filled mid-layer.

This layering piece is great for touring or cold-weather, when you're climbing from hot to cold weather, or for warmer-weather runs you don't want to overheat. Even though it was designed for runners it has been super nice as a base layer for alpine climbing.

Higher-end garment with a higher price tag that will definettely allow you to stay comfortable across wide condition ranges!


You will be amazed at how light and airy it feels!

Mammut Men's MTR 141 Longsleeve Top

The Mammut MTR 141 is a runners’ dream. It’s soft, breathable, and extremely lightweight. Made of refreshing light knitted fabric, this shirt is distinguished by high air permeability and is ideal for warm temperatures. It is so compact and light that you don’t even notice it when tied around your waist.

Its structured knit fabric is ideal for higher altitudes. The material prevents the build up of heat and promotes temperature regulation. The VENtech fabric breathes well, transports moisture from the skin and keeps you dry and comfortable. The fabric is also treated with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor 30+ to help filter out the harmful rays of the sun.

The Mammut MTR 141 Longsleeve dries quickly, prevents chills and provides lasting comfort. It will be excellent for warmer days while hiking or biking, due to its breathability.

It is dubbed a 3 season piece. The top would also make an excellent base layer in winter. It features flatlock seams, that eliminate any potential chaffing areas and feels nice against bare skin.

Fabric’s antibacterial treatment helps reduce the formation of perspiration and odor smells. Mammut’s Pure-by-HeriQ finish is designed to eliminate bacteria and odors from building up. The shirt remains like new after each wash.

long sleeve topThe Longsleeve top is built for activity, with a close, athletic fit. Flatlock seams bring extra elasticity and abrasion resistance with great freedom of movement thanks to the high elastane content in the fabric. The short and securable front zip provides tailored ventilation.

MTR 141 is used most for running but it’s also perfect for hill walking, rock climbing, trekking and cycling.

It's a superbly designed and crafted piece of clothing that you could almost forget you were wearing.

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