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With Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak you will benefit from the features of folding frame kayaks and inflatable kayaks!

Looking for a small inflatable boat to enjoy the lakes and rivers? This boat is beautiful looking on the water! It looks and paddles similar to a rigid hard-shell kayak with the portability as a bonus.

Solo or in tandem, be stable and paddle easy with its low center of gravity. This kayak tracks well and doesn't blow around. The rigid aluminum frame for the stern and the bow really does work cutting through the water as any hard shell kayak. It's easy to pick out of the water and to carry short distances for portage.


There are nine air chambers for additional buoyancy and three layers of rugged material increasing the puncture resistance of the kayak. The main chamber is protected by a high density polyester inner cover and a tough PVC Tarpaulin outer layer. The breathable back support and the adjustable padded seat let you paddle comfortably all day long.


No roof rack is needed for transporting. It's compact enough to take along on a weekend adventure or with you anywhere in the world and paddle whenever you want. Simply inflate and hit the water in minutes! Compressing the kayak into a carry duffel bag is easy. So compact and light that you can use it even as checked luggage!


When you ride through wakes created by motorboats, the kayak will absorb the forces of the waves without the fear of tipping over. You can use it as a swim platform, a dive platform and for photography too. It's easy to crawl back in over the gunnel and there's no need for someone to hold onto the other side. Because of its low profile in the water, the wind does not bother this boat.


Set up time is less than 20 minutes from the trunk to the water. There are two main chambers that go all the way around the kayak. These are the biggest to pump up and have to be pumped up equally. Next, the floor is much easier and then all the little stuff to pump up. The whole process is very quick. The two aluminum ribs in front and in back are a little heavy, but that's good because you don't want a light weight boat!


There is plenty of on-board storage room for making your extended trips more enjoyable. If used in solo mode, the kayak provides space enough to accommodate a 4 to 5-day trip.


convertible inflatable kayak


This new design combines a rigid bow, a stern frame and an interchangeable deck. With the optional single or double zip-on decks you can easily convert your boat into a solo or tandem kayak. Without a spray skirts you can use the desk as a splash deck for the person in back.


The kayak is manufactured from quality durable heavy duty materials and high-end components. Landed on beaches of mussel shells or dragged over many sharp rocks, the hull fabric will remain intact without a scratch. Electronically welded seams are strong enough to resist bumps, scrapes and rough water.


The kayak tracks well, is faster than you expect. It's so stable that you do not feel like it will ever flip. What made this really incredible is how you sit and paddle in this craft. A lot lower than a sit-on ocean kayak, it gives a whole different experience. You feel almost like sitting on the water.

Specific benefits

If you can't store a hardshell or want an extra kayak, you can throw it in the trunk for friends or guests if you want to take them out.

Probably there is no safer way to start a child kayaking.

Bottom line

If you do not have a lot of storage space, you are not serious enough to need a rigid kayak, and you don’t want to spend lot of money, this is the kayak for you.

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