Affordable Recreational Kayaks

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Recreational sea kayaking

The 120 is easy to paddle and very stable on lakes, slow rivers and bays.

The 140 is the choice for more speed and plenty of comfort on longer trips.

This one is fast and sleek for a 12 foot kayak!

Necky Kayaks Looksha 12 Polymer Recreational Kayak

The Looksha 12 is a one person touring kayak with a V-shape hull and padded seating, designed for small-to-medium build paddlers. Shorter and wider than most traditional touring boats, it is compact and features everything you need for long paddling, with more storage space than average.

The kayak is maneuverable, tracks straight, and has good edge control. The bow can handle rough conditions. Ample volume enables the boat to slice through the water without diving. The hull design with its many angled surfaces keeps you moving quickly and efficiently across open water and cuts right through the waves.

The Extra Sport seating system offers an extremely comfortable ride. No sore bum, even after being on the water all day. Seat and back rest are adjustable, seat material feels soft, drains water quickly, and improves airflow between the seat and your butt and back.

Adjustable thigh supports increase edging performance. When you really want to push it, they give you lots of extra leverage.

Bow and stern compartments are sealed with expedition bulkheads, for safety and dry storage. The large cross lock hatches are easy to open and close with a single, quick-release buckle to tension four straps keeping the hatch cover securely in place.

In changing weather conditions, a kayak rudder can aid your steering in winds or currents. This kit is easy to install. Added skirt will keep water out of the boat.

The cockpit is roomy and its cover keeps out rain. Bungee-cord paddle keepers allow secure storage for your paddle, letting you go hands-free if needed.

Ergonomic carry handles offer a better grip for transportation, for easy unload from a vehicle and a load into the water. The kayak weighs 50lbs so you can lift it up onto the roof racks easily.

looksha kayakThe compact size and excellent maneuverability make the Looksha 12 good for many types of boating. It can go up river against the current without much trouble, but still fairs well on slow rivers and smooth lakes and ponds. If speed is not your primary concern, Looksha 12 is a good choice for you.


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Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 Kayak

One of the best-selling kayaks in the world, that offers a deep, long cockpit, great speed and the storage of a touring kayak, ideal for larger paddlers. Very stable and fun to use with plenty of room for everything you need to pack for a long trip. The durable GEN2 polyethylene construction holds up to rocky landings.

The Phase 3 AirPro seating system allows you to set up the seat to fit your body type. It supports your back and thighs and adjusts in several dimensions. You can change the back angle, the seat pad angle, the foot bracing, for comfortable longer outings. Bungee cords let you fold seat-back down flat if you transport your boat on top of your car.

The comfortable large cockpit makes any entry and exit easy, and gives convenient access to the gear you might keep handy in. An additional full-length spray could protect it from waves and water from the paddle blades.

Pungo isn't designed for class II-III rapids, and is not a sea-worthy vessel. If you capsize, and the boat gets swamped, it will be difficult to re-enter it. But if you want a stable boat for getting out to fish, paddle on lakes and ponds, or for short camping trips, this is a great kayak. An all-around kayak, offering the best of touring, fishing or recreational worlds, suitable for exercise and sightseeing. Beginners will enjoy this recreational boat that will make them seem like experienced kayakers.

A kayak console easily attaches to the cockpit rim for more storage and convenient access to gear. You can remove the console in case you prefer open space above your knees instead. You shouldn't relay on it for protection when getting through the breakers. Forward bulkhead keeps water out of the boat but while going through large wave trains, cockpit lets big waves enter inside (bilge pump required).

Bow and stern latching hatches provide dry storage space and good flotation. Sealed bulkheads have easy to open top covers with levers, which you can flip over.

The footrests are adjustable without having to strain something while trying to lean forward. The SlideLock foot braces hold your paws steady, thigh and knee pads protect your legs from bruises.

This boat fits enough gear for a week. You can easily access the small storage area behind the seat while paddling along.

pungo kayakThis is a very stable kayak that likes to go straight. It is actually quite fast for a boat this wide, achieving pretty good cruising speed. You will like its quietness, smooth glide, and considerable swiftness.

This boat does not sacrifice comfort and stability for the gain in speed. The multi-chined V modified hull tracks straight with speed. The stable, manageable design is suitable for paddlers of many skill levels. The hull's keel line provides easy steering, straight tracking, and great initial and secondary stability. What a pleasure to move miles with effortless paddling!

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