Neoprene Kayak Gloves For Water Sports

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A small but important part of your paddling equipment, for the comfort and security of your hands


NRS HydroSkin Neoprene Kayak Gloves For Water Sports

NRS hydroskin gloves are reasonably warm three season gloves offering comfort and good grip for your paddle experiences. Hold tight the paddle in your hands, use it without fear of blisters or arthritis!

Terraprene is a light weight and comfortable material, warmer than traditional oil-based neoprenes, with good abrasion resistance.

neoprene kayaking gloves

4-way stretch PowerSpan outer layer increasing stretch for solid support

ThermalPlush inner lining for better  insulation, which repels moisture and dries quickly


Women's Wetsuits For Water Sports, Kayaking And Rafting

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NRS 3.0 Ultra Farmer Jane Neoprene Wetsuit

Made for women
NRS 3.0 Ultra Farmer Jane is a very popular neoprene wetsuit tailored specifically for female body. It’s cut for a women’s curves, with convenient women’s relief zipper. Not tight or binding, it solves the usual female dilemma with wetsuits. Providing a comfortable fit, it's convenient for those with longer legs.

Feel more flexible!
The lightweight 3-mm thick neoprene provides reliable insulation in cold conditions. The petroleum-free Terraprene neoprene is supple and follows the movements of your body. The 4-way amplitude PowerSpan panels blanket you from the top of your shoulders to the front of your waist, adapting to your movements. The armholes give you more freedom, the fabric stretches very well.


Midweight Crew Base Layer Shirts

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To stay comfortable in unpredictable weather and in exposed places, you need the right kind of clothing. Than a good base layer makes the difference!


Patagonia Men's Capilene Midweight Crew Base Layer Shirt

Performance base layer for wildlife expeditions and bad weather, for backpacking, skiing, touring or running.

This is a versatile Capilene weight, soft and compressible. The long-sleeve shirt is a baselayer suitable for a wide range of conditions.



Women's Power Stretch Tights

hiking in snow

With their moisture wicking properties women’s tights by Mountain Hardwear will be your most versatile piece of layering keeping you insulated and dry while you are hiking or running in cold weather.

Design and material

A comfortable, stylish and durable base layer retaining your body heat and letting your skin breath. Designed well enough to be worn alone or under your jeans on very cold days.

Tights are made of soft, fast-wicking Polartec Power Stretch thermal-weight fabric with a microfleece backing for warmth. The 4-way stretch allows them to move with your body, providing full freedom of movement.


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