Waterproof Hiking Boots

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It's looking cool, it's sturdy, but not too bulky or heavy!

Merrell Men's AllOut Blaze Mid Waterproof Boot

These are the perfect all-around hiking boots. They are strong enough to level out most of the bumps in the trail, but still have some flexibility, which helps with the grip. Lighter weight than any hiking boot, this resilient and flexible shoe is naturally shaped to activate your foot muscles, with the aggressive lugs that maximize ground contact and agility.

Merrell Omni-Fit Lacing system provides a precise, glove-like fit. Metal eyelets in strategic areas prevent the eyelet failure.

Vibram outsole delivers all the grip and stability you need. This is a solid and flexible rubber sole with good support that absorbs impact with UniFly technology.


Neutral Running Shoes

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A responsive natural ride for efficient runners

Saucony Men's Kinvara 5 Shoe

Award-winning Kinvara offers a snug fit, secure, but flexible ride, and optimal durability. This is a perfect shoe for all distances. From daily work to race day this is one of the best road platforms on the market.

Its upper features a soft mesh that wraps snugly around the midfoot and heel. This durable mesh replaces traditional heavier upper. The shoe is light and flexible with a secure fit, thanks to the new ProLock lacing system, giving you an ultra dynamic fit that moves and flexes with the foot. ProLock consists of a triangular piece that extends from the sole up the midfoot on either side of the shoe, sandwiched in between the outer mesh and a soft piece of interior mesh attached to the tongue.


Approach Hiking Shoes From Five Ten

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The most popular approach shoe in the world for mixed terrain, designed as a one-shoe solution for rock climbing and hiking

Men's Guide Tennie Approach Shoes

A lightweight shoe with reliable friction on rough terrain. With an internal rocker to promote a healthier stride and proprietary midsole and outsole package regulating flex and increasing stability, Guide Tennie is the favorite of many guides.

five ten approach shoesFor the price, the Five Ten Guide Tennie is probably the best climbing approach shoe out there for busting 5th class moves.

Very light and grippy, suitable for technical approaches of 3rd, 4th or low 5th class climbing. Of course, the soft, grippy rubber wears fast as well.

Pros: comfortable, lightweight, great dry traction

Cons: low durability


3 Best Quality Baseball Cleats

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The most supportive cleats on the market for maximum speed and torque!

Manufactured by the official performance footwear supplier of MLB!


Under Armour Spine Highlight ST Cleats

Forget taping and carrying extra weight that just drags you down. You will hardly feel that you have the cleats on! Their flexibility will prevent you from any foot craps or any type of soreness.

Innovative technologies

Rotational Traction features extra-wide fang spikes in a circular configuration for explosive acceleration and grip without hindering mobility. You get more bite with less weight that helps you to quickly get up to your top speed.


Rock Climbing Shoes For Beginners And For Experienced Climbers

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Climb harder and safely!

La Sportiva Solution Rock Climbing Shoes

Solution are a high performance reference shoes, for overhanging sport routes, bouldering, gym climbing and technical face climbing. They have a very original look with an aggressive and unique design since the toe is very down turned. This aggressive shoe will keep your toes in when bouldering overhanging routes. Precision and grip unlock the potential of the shoe for high level climbing.
Beginners should be using something more comfortable and not so sensitive.


Neoprene Kayak Wet Shoes

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Cross 4 Neoprene Kayak Shoes are suitable for year-round use: kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, rafting, wading, sailing

NRS Cross-4 Neoprene Wetshoe

With their well thought out design and adjustability, they are comfortable, easy to get on and off and have good traction.


The soles are very thick and protective when going over shells and even over sharpest rocks, but aren’t so thick that you can’t use toes for balance. The boots are high enough to keep out water in most cases.

A velcro wrap at the top prevents small debris from entering the foot area. Boots are small and lightweight enough to take along on trips.

nrs kayak shoeDry And Warm

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