4 Person 3 Days Emergency Survival Kit

emergency kit

Shelter, water, heat, food, medicine... We have these essentials at our disposal every day, so it will be difficult to assemble and use a basic survival kit to be prepared to tackle the wilderness.

Mayday Industries Life Essentials' kit is just what you need in an emergency and includes essential sanitation, food, water, cooking and other items needed for 4-person 72 hour survival.


Honey bucket style toilet with toilet paper, liners and one pack of chemicals. Everything is contained in a yellow and black bucket which can also be used as an emergency portable toilet.


3 Heater meals. These ¾ lb. meals cook right inside the box they come with. They provide a hot meal just when you need it the most and have up to a 5 year shelf life.


1 Person Tents From Hilleberg And Terra Nova

campsite with tents

A tent capable of withstanding heavy storms

Hilleberg Akto 1 Person Tent

Akto is a stable solo tent that can be used for all season protection on backpacking trips. It has enough room for comfortably sitting and sleeping and it's packing down very small. The outer tent fabric is durable and waterproof Hilleberg Kerlon 1200 that has the best strength to weight ratio. The poles are 9 mm, which makes for a super lightweight and stable tent.


Comfortable Climbing Packs

climbing rocks


It can hold a lot of weight and packs and unpacks easily and quickly.



Mammut Neon Gear 45 Climbing Backpack

You can use this bag for carrying all your rock climbing gear. It keeps that stuff organized, it's comfortable to load and has plenty of spots on the outside for clipping additional equipment.

The Neon 45 has a rectangular shape. The top panel unzips on three sides and folds wide open for easy packing. You can open the pack even with the rope attached to the top. The two pockets allow you to organize your pack content: one on the outside and a mesh inner pocket with gear loop.

The bottom is highly protective, and the bag's overall rugged build makes it bombproof for the outdoors. The aluminum frame is light and adjustable.

The anatomically padded back panel and the shoulder straps covered with soft, moisture-wicking stretch fabric, keep your back comfortable and dry.


Best Winter Down Sleeping Bags

cold nights sleeping

The proper down bags to keep yourself warm outdoors and to sleep comfortably on long cold nights!



Choose which sleeping bag to use according to your sleep pattern, warmth level, and the conditions you will find yourself in.


Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

With a snug mummy cut, this bag provides maximum warmth for minimum weight. It features the advanced water repellent technology Q.Shield that protects down fibers from moisture and retains their insulation properties in damp and cold conditions.

Zero degree bags come with extra bulk. Here the super light 15 denier fabric and touched stitching save on weight, so Phantom is lighter than most leading winter bags. 800-fill goose down provides puffy loft and luxurious insulation.


2-Person Camping Tents

camping tents along the river

Salida 2-Person Camping Tent: An Great All-Around Lightweight Tent!


The Kelty Salida 2 is a basic three season minimalist backpacking tent designed for two people.

It's an user friendly and versatile tent, well ventilated on four sides with a great view of the stars at night.


The tent is sturdy thanks to mesh wall panels and a solid two-pole support system. The floor is durable and resists rips and abrasion. The nylon is extremely good quality with no moisture build-up in the mornings.

Weather proof design

It does well in heavy winds and rain.


Camping Stoves And Cooking Systems

cooking at the camp site

This is an all-round lightweight stove for backpacking, hiking, and cold weather camping.

MSR Windpro II Camping Stove

One of the most efficient cooking systems on the market. It combines the stability of a remote-burner with the convenience of canister fuel, easy to light and working great especially in higher altitudes and colder weather.

The flexible fuel tube allows large pots  to sit lower to the ground for better stability. The remote burner offers more stability than any other canister-mounted stove, makes easy to find a place to set it up or to swap out an empty canister.

The remote canister design allows you to use a windscreen around it and a base reflector. The wind breaks and the cutout allows you easier access to the pot or fry pan. The heat reflector protects any surface underneath it. The stove supports pots up to 10" in diameter, offering good control, stability, and user friendliness.


Osprey And CamelBak Hydration Backpacks

biking in the mountains

The brand

Osprey is synonym of innovation, usability, and longevity. They lead the market with their ergonomic products and unbeatable guarantee.


The Raptor backpack is stable, well designed, and durable. It's a medium sized bag offering good amount of storage for day rides. You get easy access to the main compartment thanks to the Panel Load and quick access to the removable, roll-up tool pouch stores in its lower zip compartment. The hip-belt keeps pack stable and transfers load equally.


The Raptor 10 Hydration Backpack is suitable for mountain bike ride and every day adventures. Good for trail hiking/running or a day long hike, because it's light even full.

Hydraulics reservoir


Hammock Sleeping For Campers And Hikers

hammock sleeping at the beach

You will probably never sleep in a tent after having bought a hammock. Compared to a tent, it is lighter and more comfortable.


Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest is a very popular hammock

Constructed of breathable nylon micro fiber fabric, UV-treated and mildew resistant, the SingleNest can be securely attached to trees, posts and boat masts. It's suitable for any occasion.

You will be surprised at how small this hammock packs down. It weighs next to nothing! SingleNest allows backpackers, boaters and travelers to enjoy the luxury of hammock camping. This hammock is suitable for general camping and backyard relaxing, for hiking or backpacking

The high-strength material has just enough texture to keep you from sliding around when you are in a sleeping bag. It's very light, durable, and available in variety of colors.



Emergency Shelter For Camping

shelter for camping

The bigger advantage of the SOL Escape Bivvy over other quality backcountry shelters is to keep your clothes dry, without condensation builds up inside!

It is radically different to a typical mylar lined survival bivy or blanket, which do not breathe. The SOL Escape Bivvy breathes and will not create condensation!

It's designed for emergency situations, but most users don't go outdoors without it – for hiking, backpacking or camping.

In an emergency this can save your life, or someone else's, yet it's great for summer camping trips.

Don't try to find a lighter or more compact shelter! Bivvy is ultralight – only 8 ounces, but strong enough and easy to roll up and to repack into the original size.

The windproof and water resistant proprietary fabric lets moisture escape, keeping rain and snow on the outside. This bag deals well with medium rain, but it's not 100% water proof. Where possible, you should use an under cover!


How To Find Treasure And Gold - Prospecting Tools

gold coins treasure

Treasure hunting and gold prospecting, in general, searching for gold, are excellent alternatives (or complement) to a 9-5 job.

Who can do it?

If you love nature and adventure, you like outdoor activities, than you can go for it!

The good news are that you will easily find everything needed for your lucrative hobby at one place!

Let's take a look at some high-tech metal detectors for treasure hunting and gold prospecting!

We shouldn't miss the newest Garrett's all-treasure and gold metal detectors, famous among people hunting coins, relics, jewelry or gold nuggets!

The cheapest is Garrett Ace 250, an all purpose microprocessor controlled metal detector.

ace metal detector


Next model is Ace 350 improving its performance.


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