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What is the best drink while hiking and camping. Especially in cold season? Tea, naturally!

Vahdam Teas are a collection of most superior Indian teas, procured directly from plantations. Their flavor and aroma are preserved in double air sealed pouches.

Indian fine green teas contain the highest amount of natural anti-oxidants and flavanoids. Low content of caffeine makes them very healthy. Darjeeling Green Teas are mellow and delicate. Assam Green Teas are relatively strong, Nilgiri Green Teas have an unique mellow character.

Like green teas, white teas are non-fermented and retain highest amount of natural anti-oxidants, more than green teas, plus the lowest amount of caffeine in any tea type.

Darjeeling white teas are sought after by connoisseurs for the mildly grassy flavor and muscatel notes.


Triathlon Competition Gear And Apparel For Ironman Races

triathlon race

Triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three endurance disciplines. Ironman triathlon is among the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world. It sets the global standard for endurance sports training. To be an official finisher you need to complete the race in under 17 hours.

This exciting and dynamic sport brings adventure, accomplishment and advancement in your life. It is close to the environment, accessible, equitable and well balanced, so participation at all levels is growing significantly.

The main equipment for a triathlon competition includes swimsuit, bike and running shoes. You can start with quality basics and add more pieces as you go further into your training. In triathlon your gear's performance is very important.


Natural Cure For Joint And Muscle Pain

Natural oil for pain relieve

For getting outside you need to be prepared. Appropriate clothing, quality gear, food, medical supplies, to name the essential requirements. For your comfort you'll need some pain killers but they are are chemical products and not the best solution. Better to use natural products, like Remesol.

Remesol oil is an ancient and natural formula for joint pain. Made from herbs and oils from Himalaya, it was successfully tested in the center for New Medicines, California. Remesol takes care of your body pains naturally, without the fear of any side effects.

Around 5 thousand years ago most of the modern diseases were diagnosed by Indian practitioners. They identified the symptoms of life style diseases, and discovered pristine medicinal herbs from mountains of Himalayas to cure them, described in the great Ayurveda manuscript. Remesol contains extracts in the form of pure oils from these medicinal herbs.


Durable Adult Batting Gloves

the team on the field

The most durable gloves that 'last forever'!


Rawlings Adult Workhorse Batting Gloves

They are very comfortable, breathe well for how thick they are, so you'll never have a problem with sweat and moisture.

The leather of the gloves is slightly thicker, but still buttery smooth. They are made from the finest Pittards leather and have been treated with a special Oiltac treatment that allows for an improved grip and added softness. This is a strong material that won't break apart on slides on the bases. Don't think they are going to wear out in a short time due to the soft leather! They are maybe not as stylish as some other brands, but last longer.


Full Face Whitewater Kayak Helmets

whitewater kayakers

This full face helmet sets a higher level in headgear features, protection, and value!


Shred Ready Carbon Deluxe Full Face Whitewater Kayak Helmet

A strong full face helmet is a necessary item when creeking, making creek drops, long slides, which don't always go as planned. Carbon Deluxe Fullface helmet is CE 1385 certified for impact protection. Even though the hits are pretty hard, you will feel them much smaller than they really are, as the carbon shell spreads the impact better than a plastic shell.

Unlike other brands, the entire shell of the Carbon Fullface is made of a one piece carbon layer. It's built without seams, wrinkles or pleats. The extremely light "Black Gold" composite laminate consists of an outer carbon layer combined with inner layers of Kevlar and fiberglass.


Baseball Slider

playing baseball

Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Diamond Thief 17 Men's Slider

This slider is a step above the competition. It features an extended 17" length and rash-resistant technical grid for better coverage and knee protection. These performance shorts deliver powerful protection while running the bases and fielding. You will enjoy their snug, contoured fit and how they feel nice when you slide. Pairs of sliding holding up just fine!

Performance technologies used


Fabrication technology managing sweat levels. This microfiber, polyester fabric wicks sweat away from your body on the fabric surface, where it evaporates. As a result, you stay dry and comfortable. A moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and comfortable!

Nike Pro Combat clothing


Baseball? Yes, Everything You Need!

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Find out the widest selection online of baseball, slowpitch, fastpitch, and softball equipment. Cool prices, team sales.


Catcher's gear

The web store is offering equipment for catchers of all ages and abilities. The gear features the latest improvements in performance technology for achieving peak performance levels in safe conditions. Enjoy the best catcher's masks, helmets, chest protectors, leg guards, knee savers, mitts, throat protectors, manufactured by brands like Wilson, Easton, Mizuno, Rawlings, Diamond, Under Armour, and more.

Catcher’s combos include mask, chest protector, and shin guards, plus additional accessories for baseball, fastpitch or slowpitch softball. All colors available.

Choose a catcher's bag. Browse by category!

Umpire gear

It comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and weights.

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