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My dog, telling me to buy new sunglasses, because it is keeping these. Fortunately I know the smartest place to buy affordable eye wear!

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This online shop is offering the best selection in prescription sunglasses and designer glasses. UV-blocking sunglasses come with tinted lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause permanent damage

RX lenses

Sunglasses, applicable for rx lenses: general use single vision prescription sunglasses, progressive sunglasses, bifocal with line (distance and reading)



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Top-Selling Trail Running Shoes

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Trail running shoe for higher impact workouts

Salomon Women's XR Mission Shoe

These shoes are supportive and comfortable, they wrap around your foot securely and tighten with a quick lace. The laces are really easy because they are a drawstring cord with a clamp that you move into place to tighten. Lacing system with friction-free eyelets takes just a single pull for a good fit.

The Ortholite sock liner wicks sweat and provides a cushioned touch. Polyester linings quickly wick moisture away from feet.

This eye catching shiny and pretty shoe comes in many different and very unique color patterns.


Top-Selling Jackets

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The North Face Men's Denali Jacket

The Denali is a quality lightweight fleece for cool to cold weather, for spring or fall activities. Not suitable for extreme cold temperatures, you can wear it as a mid layer or outer layer, depending on conditions. The jacket repels light rain and snow relatively well and offers comfort, warmth and breathability.

It is made of Polartec fleece with a DWR finish to shed moisture instead of soaking it up. Polartec 300 series offer awesome protection in a chilly breeze.

Elastic-bound cuffs hold in warmth, keeping their grip through much use and many washings. Hem cinch-cord creates adjustability, comfort and keeps warm air trapped in.

Abrasion-resistant fabrics at the shoulders, chest and elbows, increase durability and keep the jacket looking fresh and new.


Whitewater Or Cruiser SUP Board?

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Have you ever thought of stand up paddle boarding as a whitewater sport?

Jackson Kayak SuperCharger SUP board

This is a river running board used for whitewater and river surfing. Designed for challenging whitewater conditions, it is the only board that can take the beating without any injury. SuperCharger offers superior stability, and it punches through holes and waves, allowing you to turn quickly. This board can make you a better downriver paddler.

As with all Jackson Kayak products, the paddleboard is high quality, built to last. It's thick, wide and short, with the good primary stability that is necessary for downriver stand up paddling. The SUP board is giving you confidence, when crossing eddy lines and powering through river water. In addition to the width, its flared sidewalls deflect current, adding more stability. The front deck is peaked, as a whitewater kayak, which helps the board resurface quickly and predictably.


Performance River Runner And Crossover Kayaks

white water

River runner that is capable of tackling most grades of water!

Jackson Kayak Zen

The Jackson Zen is a river-running and creeking kayak with a fast hull and great manoeuverability, that sits nice and stable on the water for great surfing, spinning, and carving. It is impervious to currents trying to take you off line. For its length, it is actually pretty lightweight.

The kayak responds easily when you go to for attainments or need a burst of speed, It's stable, predictable, rolls well, and it likes to surf.

The seating is very comfortable. How to adjust the foot bulkhead? Pull the cord and push with your feet for the right fit. No screws or bolts to mess with. The footboard is easy to adjust when you're on the fly. The backband employs the Jackson design: simple, lightweight and easy to repair in the field. Inside there is a carry loop to take some strain off the shoulder. The knee pockets are little low, giving it a snug feel of control.


Buying Standard Floor Raft Or Whitewater Self Bailing Raft

rafts on the river

AIRE Tributary Standard Floor Raft

The Tributary 12 has a traditional raft design with full diameter tubes for better carrying capacity. Its 7-piece ends create a more efficient raft by allowing the bow and stern rise to be more gradual. Great for paddle rafting with included thwarts.
The 12 is a highly maneuverable boat, perfect for small, tight rivers.


Tributary rafts are constructed using a two-layer system of a PVC outer skin, urethane bladders, leafield valves and all welded seams, plus a piano hinge floor lacing system. Bombproof PVC-coated tubes and floor provide superior durability, AIREcells - strength and safety. They have high abrasion resistance and superior air retention.

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