Affordable Recreational Kayaks

Recreational sea kayaking

The 120 is easy to paddle and very stable on lakes, slow rivers and bays.

The 140 is the choice for more speed and plenty of comfort on longer trips.

This one is fast and sleek for a 12 foot kayak!

Necky Kayaks Looksha 12 Polymer Recreational Kayak

The Looksha 12 is a one person touring kayak with a V-shape hull and padded seating, designed for small-to-medium build paddlers. Shorter and wider than most traditional touring boats, it is compact and features everything you need for long paddling, with more storage space than average.

The kayak is maneuverable, tracks straight, and has good edge control. The bow can handle rough conditions. Ample volume enables the boat to slice through the water without diving. The hull design with its many angled surfaces keeps you moving quickly and efficiently across open water and cuts right through the waves.


Quality Inflatable Kayaks To Choose From

sea inflatable kayak


and start


in 20 minutes!


Sea Eagle Fast Track 385FT 2-Person Inflatable Kayak


It has a new and elegant asymmetrical form with a sharp, narrow bow for better entry through wind and a better glide through water. The aggressive design featuring a sleek touring shape and the new for 2014 NeedleKnife keel make it easier and pleasant to paddle for many hours.

Electronically welded at the seam, the tough 1000-denier fabric makes the kayak durable and lightweight. Built to explore rivers and sea, the FastTrack 385 is excellent for flat water lakes, inland bays, or any water that doesn’t become shallow..

2 person inflatable kayak


Whitewater Kayaks Mamba And Diesel

white water

Two of the best whitewater kayaks on the market!


You can have a great time on the river with this sturdy and reliable boat.

Mamba 8.6 Creeker is the big boy of Mamba kayak series, one of the leading all-around kayaks on the market.

It's designed to be fast and predictable on whitewater. Big volume and good volume distribution make resurfacing fast after a big drop. The boat lets you tackle creeks or big water rapids. Best for paddlers who want to carry more gear with them for longer trips, and for the all around kayakers also.
Feeling comfortable in a boat is so important! The fully adjustable Contour Ergo outfitting can be set up easily and has plenty of comfort and safety features.


Safety PFD Life Jackets

solo sea kayaker with PFD

When it's time to get out on the water, the jacket will allow you to fully enjoy your favorite sport!

For a paddler, a comfortable and secure personal flotation device allows a better experience.


A low-profile vest, perfect for long days on the water

Stohlquist Rocker Life Jacket

Its cut, fabric, and design are well thought out. This comfortable life jacket uses the ergonomically articulated Wrapture shaped torso design, has 16.8 pounds of flotation and ensures comfort to whitewater boaters and SUP paddlers. This means that the flotation material is shaved and cut to better match your torso's shape. It provides the same new innovative fit as Stohlquist's Descent rescue vest. The comfort and performance of this PFD have made it very popular among whitewater kayakers.


Carbon Fiber SUP Paddles

two momen paddling

Paddles are an important safety component of stand up paddle boarding

The board will not fail, but imagine, if your paddle brakes, it could strand you out in the middle of a bay or a lake, so you will have to paddle with your hands!

In paddles, strength and weight are most important. Carbon fiber’s strength to weight ratio is ideal for building paddles.

Carbon fiber is often used in conjunction with fiberglass, wood, and other materials. Don’t shop for the word “carbon fiber” in the description, don’t search for the lowest or highest price, or the lowest weight. Don’t buy a piece of junk that will easily crack! Tower is offering you the absolute best value for the money stand up paddles!


AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

inflatable kayak on river

With Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak you will benefit from the features of folding frame kayaks and inflatable kayaks!

Looking for a small inflatable boat to enjoy the lakes and rivers? This boat is beautiful looking on the water! It looks and paddles similar to a rigid hard-shell kayak with the portability as a bonus.

Solo or in tandem, be stable and paddle easy with its low center of gravity. This kayak tracks well and doesn't blow around. The rigid aluminum frame for the stern and the bow really does work cutting through the water as any hard shell kayak. It's easy to pick out of the water and to carry short distances for portage.



Safe Touring Sea Kayak

crossing to St.Helen's Island

One of the best selling boats of all time is Tsunami 145 Sea Kayak, combining recreational boat stability with touring boat outfitting. Great all purpose kayak for long day trips.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Sea Touring Kayak

Choosing a kayak is a very personal endeavor. The Tsunami 14/14.5 is a boat suitable for touring enthusiasts. It's fully capable of handling any water. Very effective in windy conditions as well as side currents in winding rivers. The kayak cuts through the waves, it likes to be on edge. If you prefer to lean way into turns, the boat is perfect for that. It turns very well and has decent speed even at a leisurely paddling rate. It's great for fun, fitness, relaxation and fishing. Also great for photography because very stable.

Tsunami 145 kayak is offering big storage capacity and additional speed.

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