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Find out the widest selection online of baseball, slowpitch, fastpitch, and softball equipment. Cool prices, team sales.


Catcher's gear

The web store is offering equipment for catchers of all ages and abilities. The gear features the latest improvements in performance technology for achieving peak performance levels in safe conditions. Enjoy the best catcher's masks, helmets, chest protectors, leg guards, knee savers, mitts, throat protectors, manufactured by brands like Wilson, Easton, Mizuno, Rawlings, Diamond, Under Armour, and more.

Catcher’s combos include mask, chest protector, and shin guards, plus additional accessories for baseball, fastpitch or slowpitch softball. All colors available.

Choose a catcher's bag. Browse by category!

Umpire gear

It comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and weights.

There you will find a guide to help you choosing the right gear for you. You will encover the qualities of the different kinds of equipment that are ensuring the best fit for the user and matching the needs of different levels of protection it offers.

You have to consult the Face Mask And Helmet Fitting Guide before making your choice. You don't need a mask obstructing your vision, shifting around and exposing your face. Neither a too tight one, causing a concussion as the ball hits it.

Leg guards don’t break in, so you must have a proper fit from the start!

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Hard and soft shell protectors

Hard shell protector is the most protective padding and the choice of most umpires. The soft shell chest protectors are popular with umpiring lower than high school. Hard shell chest protectors are heavier and they offer more protection. The soft shell protectors are more comfortable and allow better motion and more breathability. Both types should provide good collar bone protection.

So, your decision should be made based on your level of competition.


The right pair of cleats can make the difference! Baseball cleats are designed for optimal performance on the field. They are available with molded, rubber, or metal spikes.

Rubber cleats are durable and strong. You can use them on and off the field.

Metal cleats provide better traction on the dirt and grass.

Turf shoes give you an advantage in running.

Training and field equipment

You will find in stock at the store all the baseball fielding equipment you need: from batting tees, pitching machines, training balls, nets and screens, till pitching aids, fielding aids, batting aids, and pitch backs. The fielding and training equipment comes frome the best makers in sports like Worth, Franklin, Bolco, training bats by Nokona, D-Bat and Easton, best training gloves from Worthand and Mizuno.
Baseball coaches are using training aids for making hitters, pitchers and fielders better players.


The store is selling all the baseball accessories and batting aids you need to become a power hitter. Plus all the products, supplies and kits necessary to prevent and treat injuries (in joints and muscles) or simply for relieving stress. Protective sunglasses with good air flow for unaltered vision are a must!

Best prices are guaranteed. If you find a better deal, they will beat it by 5%!

How to apply for a price adjustment? After adding the product to your shopping cart, put in the comments box the competitor's product page URL address and the price, and submit your order.

Meet this leading suppliers of sports equipment at and Baseball Express!

Best cleats for maximum speed and torque!


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