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AIRE Tributary Standard Floor Raft

The Tributary 12 has a traditional raft design with full diameter tubes for better carrying capacity. Its 7-piece ends create a more efficient raft by allowing the bow and stern rise to be more gradual. Great for paddle rafting with included thwarts.
The 12 is a highly maneuverable boat, perfect for small, tight rivers.


Tributary rafts are constructed using a two-layer system of a PVC outer skin, urethane bladders, leafield valves and all welded seams, plus a piano hinge floor lacing system. Bombproof PVC-coated tubes and floor provide superior durability, AIREcells - strength and safety. They have high abrasion resistance and superior air retention.

Light weight boat, easy to portage for two people. It inflates and deflates quickly and packs small. It would be hard to find any boat of this size that rolls up so small - very convinient if you need to take your raft on a float plane.

The Tributary 12 handles great on small rivers with not too difficult whitewater. The raft is stable enough for a family on easy rivers, yet agile for people looking for whitewater fun. This model can be used on more difficult pool and drop runs if you don't mind bailing the water out. This little boat can handle up to class four white water with experienced crew. AIREcells provide an extra measure of strength and safety.

This is a standard floor, not a self bailer, perfect for fishing and milder riversand gives. Good alternative for fly fishermen who don't really need the more expensive self bailing feature. You could transform it in a fishing raft if you remove the 3 thwarts and just add a frame.

Tributary 13 Whitewater Self-Bailing Rafts

They are versatile and modular, allowing you to practice fly fishing, rafting, camping, whitewater, or any other application.
In terms of maneuverability and ease of paddling, the smaller the raft, the better. The 13.0 SB is one of the fastest rafts on the market, excelling on tight rivers. This is the smaller Tributary inflatable whitewater raft with tube ends diminishing slightly in the bow and the stern for better wave piercing.

The 13' Tributary interior width is as large as any fourteen foot raft out there.
The three quick release removable thwarts make it usable for whitewater paddle rafting or for fishing if you add a frame and overnight gear.
The floor is laced in using the piano hinge system, making this one of the fastest self-bailing boats on the market today.
The four carry handles make the Tributary 13.0 SB easy to get to the water.
The 8 air chambers are reliable with their B-7 Leafield valves
10 stainless steel D-rings

The Tributary self bailing rafts are an import AIRE brings in from their own factory in China.
Cheaper PVC import rafts are glued. When their seams open up, you will end up dumping toxin-laden poly vinyl chloride. With Tributary you are buying essentially unlimited lifespan!
Tributary 13.0 SB Raft Warranty
You will get five years - the same warranty on many other high quality and more expensive brands.
It rolls up smaller and is lighter than competing brands, so it can easily be shipped via UPS.

Primarily for river running on either long, multi-night float trips or day trips through Class IV+ water.
Fishing or Floating?
If you use your boat for fishing, you should invest in a specialized frame. Decked out with the NRS raft fishing frame, this raft is perfect for fishing.

If you'll use your boat for pure whitewater and recreational river floating and you will have more than two people, this raft is just for you.

Whitewater rafts are big, nearly indestructible, and can carry big amounts of gear.

tributary raft 9.5


Stable raft for one to four people: Tributary 9.5 SB



Raft paddles: NRS PTC Canoe/Raft Paddle

You should go boating being prepared for any situation. Safety is essential!

First Aid Medical Kits

Reliable Life Jackets

For Tributary raft specifications and prices, check out at outdoorplay.com!

Rafts are nice, but rather expensive. Check out another type of inflatable boats that will allow you to enjoy your water activities without spending a bunch of money!

Sea Eagle 124smb 12'4" Startup Package Motormount Boat is an amazing inflatable boat that has the capacity to load 4 persons with their bags for nice boating trips. The boat features a safety chamber above the main chamber, 2 sets of oar with four molded oarlocks, a bench seat and a motormount set. This stable platform in flatwater and in a moderate whitewater is ideal for fishing. NMMA and CE certifications guarantee world class level of safety and reliability.

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