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Kelty Callisto 15-Degree Synthetic Camping Sleeping Bag

You can use it for chilly spring and fall nights. Spacious and versatile, it will ensure you a camping comfort and warm sleep anywhere you go. The two-layer offset quilt construction with a differential cut maximizes loft and warmth. The two-way zipper lets you ventilate the sleeping bag.

It features:

Synthetic Cloudloft insulation

Zipper draft tube with anti-snag design

FatMan and Ribbon drawcords

Captured cordlock

Internal liner loops

Sleeping pad security loops

It can be fully unzipped and opened flat for use as a blanket. The zips allow it to be opened if it becomes too warm. You can zipp 2 bags together to form a double-wide bag.

This good grade camping bag will give you many years of use. The Cloudloft synthetic insulation allows quick drying, low-maintenence, and warmth. It will keep you warm, without making you sweat - it breathes. You will need to tuck yourself in tightly on cold nights to eliminate drafts.

Perfect for caravan trips, car camping trips and multi-day rafting trips. You can keep it in your truck for emergencies.

This is not a bag to take on hikes as it is a bit heavy, due to the fact that it's synthetic, and does not compress into a manageable size. The positive side is that it performs well even in cooler damp conditions while costing part of the price of a comparable down bag.

calisto sleeping bag


Overall, a good product at attractive price for those going car camping, camping in cooler damp conditions, or for those on a budget. The double sleeping bag is a really tempting offer for couples or parents with kids, going to be camping in cold weather conditions.



Kelty Mistral 20-Degree Right Hand Sleeping Bag

Mistral offers reasonable performance for the price. It gives you plenty of room and can accommodate people with larger builds. It's light but doesn't compress very small.

It's made of two-layer off-set quilt to reduce cold spots and keep you warm. Featured with a two-way zipper for easy entry and exit and security loops to keep in place your sleeping pad and your bag liner.

The bag can be opened flat utilizing a full zip, so on the hot night you can use it as a blanket.

Mistral is easy to roll-up and to fit in the included stuff sack. Unfortunately it's too heavy for backpacking.

Mummy shape
This is a general purpose sleeping bag with a cut that saves weight and makes it thermally efficient. It has an easy to adjust hood with drawcords to seal in warm air.

mistral sleeping bag


Synthetic Insulation
Synthetic insulation is heavier and less durable than down, but much more affordable. Mistral can be washed in any washing machine without expensive detergent.

Warm, soft and cozy do-it-all bag, good for campers looking for a comfortable and inexpensive sleeping bag.



Ensure your security in the outdoors with survival bivvy or blanket!

Learn about the soft and comfortable feel of down insulation that provides the best warmth-to-weight ratio despite advances in synthetic materials. See Altair 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag!


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