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This is an all-round lightweight stove for backpacking, hiking, and cold weather camping.

MSR Windpro II Camping Stove

One of the most efficient cooking systems on the market. It combines the stability of a remote-burner with the convenience of canister fuel, easy to light and working great especially in higher altitudes and colder weather.

The flexible fuel tube allows large pots  to sit lower to the ground for better stability. The remote burner offers more stability than any other canister-mounted stove, makes easy to find a place to set it up or to swap out an empty canister.

The remote canister design allows you to use a windscreen around it and a base reflector. The wind breaks and the cutout allows you easier access to the pot or fry pan. The heat reflector protects any surface underneath it. The stove supports pots up to 10" in diameter, offering good control, stability, and user friendliness.

You can run the stove in traditional upright mode for better flame control, or, with a simple twist, invert the canister on the included stand to deliver liquid gas directly to the burner and improve cold-weather and low-fuel performance. The liquid flow mode diminishes reliance on internal canister pressure and boosts stove output significantly. You still keep control on the flame or you can coax that last little bit of fuel left in the canister.

A lightweight, but durable stove, working great all the time, good weather, bad wet weather, high altitude, hot and cold. Canister stoves are easier to use than those with fluid, like white gas or gasoline, because no need of priming, preheating or pumping. No messing with fuel. Simply open the valve and light! At higher altitudes the lower pressure allows the canisters to vaporize the fuel at lower temps.

Excellent temp control
Most backpack stoves are fine for boiling water but dismal at real cooking. This one is very controllable from simmer to blowtorch. You can adjust the flame level even while wearing gloves. The burner diameter is big enough and the control valve is very sensitive. In inverted mode, make adjustments slowly!

All this makes it good to simmer food for gourmet cooking or groups meeting. The pattern of the flame is diffuse, the wide burner heats quickly and evenly with no hot spots. You can cook in peace and quietly.

The stove packs reasonably well. Three leg supports fold away for storage. The legs snap on to the valve for easy inverting. It's also easy to set up, there is nothing superfluous. In the shipping pack are included the burner, a flexible braided fuel line with control valve, an aluminum wind shield, a fuel canister stand, a heat shield and a carry bag. MSR products can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

windpro stoveReliable
The stove feels reliable, with no fuel smell.  The no hassle canister system avoids liquid-fuel stove inconveniences and hazards. It doesn't need any maintenance or cleaning, and will keep going for years.




Fast and reliable in toughest conditions

Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System Camp Stove

An integrated canister fuel stove with excellent fuel efficiency, high wind and cold resistance. The Jetboil is the fastest cooking setup you have used: compact and very simple. It includes integrated burner base and 0.8 liter cooking cup. The legs unfold and make it very stable.

Usually the decrease in pressure in the canisters reduces heating. The advanced Jetboil pressure regulator maintains burner output as the fuel in the canister diminishes and delivers consistent heat output down to 20˚ F with a boil time of 2.25 minutes per liter.

Unlike the Sol Ti, the heat exchanger fins on the bottom of the pot are thicker and more durable.

If you need more cooking capacity consider getting the new 1.8 L Sumo Companion Cup.

Jetboil Sol is versatile. You can use a wide range of optional pots and the support allows burner to be used with conventional pots.

Folded ribs around the flame concentrate heat for faster boil times. For getting it to light in colder conditions, store the fuel in your sleeping bag at night or keep it warm in the day.

The stove is recommend only for water, not for cooking in. If boiling water is your primary goal for cooking backpacking meals, making coffee, hot chocolate etc, the Sol is good for you. Quickly heats water for instant meals.

It has the best protection from wind in a self contained unit. Neoprene sleeve helps keep liquids hot, doesn't burn your lips. All components pack up nicely into the cup itself that stows in pack easily.

The Jetboil Sol is pretty small, light, powerful, fast to boil, and works well at altitude and in wind.

More details

Flame burner into a windscreen for reducing heat loss

Push-button auto igniter, no need from lighter

Stabilizer tripod that clips onto fuel canister

Includes a measuring cup that can be used as a second bowl

Cozy keeps your food warm and your hands safe

jetboil cooking systemUse

Size and weight make it ideal for short term hiking and camping trips, where you want to remain mobile. It will be useful also in cold and high altitude environments.






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