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Paddles are an important safety component of stand up paddle boarding

The board will not fail, but imagine, if your paddle brakes, it could strand you out in the middle of a bay or a lake, so you will have to paddle with your hands!

In paddles, strength and weight are most important. Carbon fiber’s strength to weight ratio is ideal for building paddles.

Carbon fiber is often used in conjunction with fiberglass, wood, and other materials. Don’t shop for the word “carbon fiber” in the description, don’t search for the lowest or highest price, or the lowest weight. Don’t buy a piece of junk that will easily crack! Tower is offering you the absolute best value for the money stand up paddles!

Tower Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

At a mere 21.5 ounces the Tower carbon fiber SUP paddle is one of the lightest high-end carbon fiber paddles. This is a clear winner. Easy to carry around, light as a feather and super-strong for digging in with hard strokes.

The Tower Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP paddle is competitively priced under $200. It starts at 88 inches and you cut it down to fit your size, having lightweight options that cut down on fatigue!


The carbon ultra light SUP paddle is master piece. The design which includes concave and rocker at the right spot will make you love it. The blade has a teardrop shape with a slightly flattened bottom edge. The stylish matte blade forwards about 10 degrees and there is a slight cupping back near the bottom.

The pricing is attractive because Tower cuts a chunk out of the cost by selling direct. Without compromising quality!

The inexpensive Ultralight Carbon Fiber paddle by Tower is one of the best on the market.


A very light, high performance racing paddle, handcrafted in Sultan, WA, with 1-year manufacturer warranty

Werner Grand Prix M1000 1-Piece Carbon SUP Paddle

Progressive training and racing paddle for more speed and less strain, for less fatigue and more fun

This paddle features a mid-size rectangular blade shape that allows for efficient forward stroke and is suitable for wide range of paddlers. The advanced blade designs includes a buoyant paddle blade with a smooth back face. This shape allows the paddler to manage how much surface area will be used for effortless maneuvering strokes.

The longer blade allows two positions. Use it deep in for going full power, or half way in, for higher cadence or for resting.

racing kayak paddleThe thin ABS reinforced blade edge knifes smoothly in the water. The blade-to-shaft offset is set at 12 degrees for a more vertical blade position and gentler feel on the body. This allows powerful strokes and reduces lift at the exit.

The all-carbon handle is light weight and assures good grip for controlled strokes. Made for best durability and value.


The paddle maximum height is 90" and it can be tailored to your height.

With the Werner Grand Prix SUP paddle you will feel less fatigued after hours on the water. It's great for leisure paddling also.


The most well received from new Werner SUP blades!

Werner Soul SUP Paddle

The Soul features three different blade sizes: small-sized, medium sized, and full-sized blade, for better workout on water. So you can pick your size and get on the water, where you will be able to find your perfect paddle stroke!
You can use this versatile paddle for surfing, downwind paddling or touring.

fiberglass paddleThe blade has a progressive rectangular shape for more efficient forward stroke and consistent power transfer. Smooth back face allows for a quieter catch and effortless exit of the stroke. The narrower blade makes it possible to paddle closer to the board for more efficiency and comfort.

Convenient blade-to-shaft offset offers great forward stroke.

The high-performance carbon fiber and fiberglass shaft is lightweight and strong. The fiberglass blade with a foam core is lightweight and buoyant. The foam core floats the blade at the end of the stroke so it pops out of the water. It requires little effort to pull it up. Light swing weight reduces fatigue and makes paddling more fun. ABS palm-grip offers good fit for controlled strokes.

The Soul is light weight but very durable, because it's constructed of Werner’s premium fiberglass with dynell edging for protection. It's suitable for fitness paddling, touring, and wave riding.

It costs less than many other carbon foam core paddles on the market and it's backed by Werner’s great customer service.

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