Water-oriented activities mean wet!

Chammyz Surf Bomber

Even when the air is warm and the water feels warm you will be shivering when the sun goes down or the wind starts to blow. So you should search the way to stay warm in wet environments.

You can minimize the effects of evaporative cooling with the Surf Bomber jacket from Chammyz.

This unique garment originated in the surfing community. The jacket is remarkable mainly because it’s made from some sort of post-production wood fiber. Nevertheless the material is actually a thick, cushy, soft type of fabric with a cotton-like feel that gets even softer after washing. The fabric absorbs water like a sponge, which is the secret to how it keeps you warm.

So if you peel down your wetsuit and throw on the Chammyz, it will suck the water from your skin and will keep the wind off you. Or you can pull it on over your wetsuit, which will stop the evaporative cooling of the wind hitting your body.

Extra-long sleeves make it easy to pull them down over your hands to feel more warm and cozy.

Functional market orientated, this 100% viscose fleece jacket combines the ingenuity of the shirt jacket with its zipper, and the warmth of the pullover hood. Double seamed in most sections for additional warmth, it has two full quarter panel pockets, as well as draw cords at both the neck and waist for size and comfort adjustments. Relaxed cuts allow for free movement, regardless of your activity.

Fabric absorbs and evaporates moisture and dries quickly. Wood fibers allow your body to breathe and act as a natural insulator, so you get the warmth without all the layers.
It's UV protected - UVA and UVB-government rating of 50+ Designed for active people demanding performance and style from their garments, Shammyz appeal extends to divers, surfers, boaters, swimmers, hikers, climbers, campers, winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts. It can be more than just garment. It can be your towel, pillow or a blanket!

The Surf Bomber is a little longer than full length but can be adjusted for waistline fit. This pre-washed, and pre-shrunk chamois apparel is designed to move with you. It keeps you warm in severe weather and cool and dry in tropical conditions. The material softens after washing and is available in ten colors.

Stay active, comfortable, warm and dry in the Surf Bomber hoodie!

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Patagonia Men's Lined Baggies Jacket

This new insulated jacket is made from Patagonia's durable nylon Baggies fabric for a long lasting versatility and lined with soft polyester flannel. It's suitable for cool, breezy weather along the shoreline.

The nylon faille fabric on the outside is coated with a polyurethane that sheds water and deters winds at bay. The inside lined with a soft polyester flannel that feels like cotton, adds extra warmth as the weather changes.

Regular fit and long sleeves offer comfortable protection on a rainy days and holds in the warmth on cool days. Welted, full-length, center-front zipper, elasticized cuffs and lined hood with adjustable draw cord block out the elements.

The front hidden pockets feature secure snap-closure patch, the side-entry pockets warm up your hands and the internal chest pocket provides ample storage.

Venture in comfort into the wild outdoors with this insulated jacket: Patagonia Lined Baggies Jacket.

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