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The bigger advantage of the SOL Escape Bivvy over other quality backcountry shelters is to keep your clothes dry, without condensation builds up inside!

It is radically different to a typical mylar lined survival bivy or blanket, which do not breathe. The SOL Escape Bivvy breathes and will not create condensation!

It's designed for emergency situations, but most users don't go outdoors without it – for hiking, backpacking or camping.

In an emergency this can save your life, or someone else's, yet it's great for summer camping trips.

Don't try to find a lighter or more compact shelter! Bivvy is ultralight – only 8 ounces, but strong enough and easy to roll up and to repack into the original size.

The windproof and water resistant proprietary fabric lets moisture escape, keeping rain and snow on the outside. This bag deals well with medium rain, but it's not 100% water proof. Where possible, you should use an under cover!

The material contains a barrier that reflects most of the body heat back, while keeping dry inside. On sunny days you could turn the bivvy inside out and use the reflective side to signal for help.

It's equiped with waterproof sealed seams to protect against bugs and rain and a drawstring hood closure against hypothermia or mosquito bites. The side zip lets you use the bivvy like a traditional sleeping bag. You can loose the fitting, to trap insulating air with you in the bag. Zip or unzip if necessary as you warm up and cool down. If you move around in your sleep, it is quiet and holds in body heat.

Remember, you need a well insulated sleeping pad or underquilt under it. A good idea is to use it along with an inflatable sleeping pad.

This bivy is lasting a long time which is great for ultralight backpackers.

For travelling during the winter, include AMK SOL Escape Bivvy as part of the survival kit in your car!

Some campers are using it on the outside of their sleeping bag to extend the comfort and increase the warmth. It's nice to be able to pull the collar of it up around your head and face for keeping mosquitoes off. It can replace a sleeping bag as a highly visible, light weight alternative.

You can learn more about this low-cost, lightweight, decently warm and breathable bivvy here:


Your security blanket for the outdoors!

Tech Blanket By Therm-a-Rest For Camping

This quilted nylon blanket offers quality in both appearance and function. Materials are thin and soft but surprisingly warm. It feels like silk next to your skin with the durability of nylon and it wraps nicely around the body. The high-loft synthetic fill insulation with a soft polyester lining will provide comfort for any outdoor situation.

It is a good lightweight alternative or a cold weather supplement to sleeping bags. People moving around in their sleep who don't like mummy and rectangular sleeping bags will appreciate it.

The blanket is light weight and stuffs into its own pocket, easy to carry in a backpack. It doesn't collect twigs and dirt in touches and is machine washable, so it's easy to clean and dries quickly. Very convinient to take fair-weather camping, warm enough on chilly nights to cover up with, next to the fire. You can keep one in the car for emergency and even use it as a picnic blanket on short hikes. When not in use, it makes a nice pillow too.

tech blanket


Tech blanket by Therm-a-Rest would comfortably get you by in most camping situations in cooler temps.





Stay warm in very cold weather with a Down Sleeping Bag!


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