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The Fundamentals kit by Adventure Medical Kits assures needed emergency preparedness for outdoor activities, by bringing innovative and quality products.

It's very popular for back country guides and small groups on prolonged trips, outfitters and trip leaders.

The kit includes supplies to treat a wide range of injuries, wounds, sprains, fractures and illnesses. The carry case is 3-modular for easy care organization. Contents are organized by injury with instructions to permit anyone to administer first aid quickly and confidently. No more fumbling around to find the emergency gear you need. The kit is designed for immediate use.

The design is lightweight and the bright blue main pouch with reflective piping is highly visible in low-light conditions.

It has a water-resistant outer zipper and urethane inner windows. A storm flap over the outside zipper keeps out moisture. The Easy Care™ system provides quick access of contents by injury.

The kit is simple to use and effective. It includes all that you need in a basic first aid kit and good amount of most kinds of first aid supplies.

There is enough room to customize and add your own extras.

Main contents

Bandage Materials - dressings, gauze, bandages
Bleeding - instructions, trauma pads, gloves, nitrile, hand wipe
Blister / Burn - glacier-gel moleskin, Aloe Vera gel with Lidocain
CPR - face shield for protected mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Laerdal
Duct Tape
Fracture Sprain - flexible support splint, elastic EMT shears and precision forceps, wraps, bandage with Velcro, triangular sprain

Instrument - Digital thermometer, splinter picker/tick remover forceps, safety pins
Medical Instructions and up-to-date information on wilderness and travel medicine
Medication to treat pain, inflammation and allergies - packages Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Antihistamine, plastic vial
Wound Care - after cuts and scrapes, antiseptic wipe, tincture of Benzoin topical adhesive, tape, irrigation syringe to clean wounds, Povidone Iodine, wound closure strips, cotton tip applicator, triple antibiotic ointment.

first aid medical kit

For supporting 1 - 8 people!

A definite must for any camper, off-roader and adventurer! One of the most widely used kits in extended backcountry expeditions worldwide. Good basic kit for outdoor activities: camping, boating, automobile, travel, and more.



Adventure Medical Pro Paddler Kayaking Medical Kit

You shouldn't go boating without being prepared for any emergency situation. Safety is essential while in the back country. Whether you kayak or raft, the Paddler Kayaking Kit will help you to keep everyone in your group safe, and to provide care to ill or injured members.

Ready made first aid kits are designed by experts in wilderness medicine and survival techniques, so you can be confident while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

All components of the Adventure Medical Pro Paddler Kayaking Medical Kit are organized in resealable modules, with header cards that are included for quick identification of the content. These modules are stored in a solid dry bag equipped with HydroLock roll-down closure to keep everything waterproof. The dry bag is big enough to hold the modules plus small additions. It features a waist belt for securing while boating. In case of accident, you can attach the bag to your waist with the belt.

In a raft full of folks, cuts and scraps come easily. Keep with you these innovative first aid products and only check the kit for used or expired supplies.

Are you a kayak camper? Take a look at this waterproof and soft-sided First Aid Kit, perfect for hiking or boating


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