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You will probably never sleep in a tent after having bought a hammock. Compared to a tent, it is lighter and more comfortable.


Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest is a very popular hammock

Constructed of breathable nylon micro fiber fabric, UV-treated and mildew resistant, the SingleNest can be securely attached to trees, posts and boat masts. It's suitable for any occasion.

You will be surprised at how small this hammock packs down. It weighs next to nothing! SingleNest allows backpackers, boaters and travelers to enjoy the luxury of hammock camping. This hammock is suitable for general camping and backyard relaxing, for hiking or backpacking

The high-strength material has just enough texture to keep you from sliding around when you are in a sleeping bag. It's very light, durable, and available in variety of colors.


You can use the ENO hammock in conjunction with a rain shelter. The rain fly keeps you more dry than in a tent. Because you are off the ground, you will not get flooded during heavy rains.


Hammocks can be cold if you don't have something underneath you. In cool weather you must use a pad to insulate you from the cold. Do not underestimate the need for having some type of pad or insulation beneath you. The best way is to put a sleeping pad or blanket down for cold nights.

Sleeping bags don't work very well with hammocks, better to get an under quilt. Throw a small therma-rest pad in the bottom of it and use a sleeping bag for the colder parts of the season. A "thermarest z-lite" could solve your insulation problem.


You have to buy separate straps to put up your ENO hammock. With the straps you will be able to set the hammock nearly anywhere; attaching it to horizontal, vertical or angled supports. The optional slap straps bring you a fast and easy set up with no ropes to tie or tangle. Polyester straps are a better choice as they don't stretch. The slap straps pro are recommend because of the length versatility. There is nothing more frustrating than the impossibility to set the hammock up because the trees are not close enough.


Very sturdy and stable, the hammock is incredibly relaxing, and this model is very well built. For many hammock campers this is by far the best sleep in the outdoors! It surely beats sleeping on the ground. You wake up with no back pain and no stiffness! No more rocks in your back, no more uneven ground. Some people say, they sleep better it the hammock then in their own bed! The breathable and thin material is making it perfect for warmer environments in a hot, humid climate. You can sleep on your side also, for a completely rest filled sleep experience.

Comfort tips

You will lie flat if you orient yourself diagonally in the hammock.

Some people go with the bigger DoubleNest hammock to get more comfortable.

We recommend the additional accessories like straps, good bug net or bug repellent for the mosquito season, and the rain tarp. .


Way more campsites will be available once you get the hammock!

It's good for just setting up whenever you want to take a break, wherever you are. It also makes a good chair! It allows you to camp without needing a trail or a campsite or even a patch of level ground.

It dries pretty fast if you are caught in a storm. Just hang it in the sun!

1 person hammock


Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest hammock could be the most profitable purchase you've made! It worths the extra money you planned on spending and you will have it for life. Take a look at its specifications and pictures at outdoorplay.com



Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock

This hammock offers 2 feet of extra width, allowing more room and the capacity of 400lbs, but it's a little tight with two people, so not sure you'd be able to spend the night together in it!

The Double Nest is really just a roomy one person hammock, more suited to big guys over 6 feet tall and weighing 250 pounds or more.

Advantages to using this product for just one person

It allows more room to move around, to wrap yourself up and be completely concealed inside.

You can wrap it over your body, which is helpful to block out the sun, to keep most bugs off of you, to keep off the wind/dew, or to have some privacy.

You will change easily your laying position and side sleepers will be able to curl up on their side comfortably.

The built in stuff sack is useful place to keep extra gear like a head lamp, water bottle, snacks, or whatever else you may need in the middle of the night.

large hammockThe extra comfort is nice for hammock camping, since you can fit a pad or sleeping bag.

It works great as a seat or swing, and is useful for family adventures.

The only disadvantage is that the walls will block your view so you couldn't see around you.



Do you need a very warm sleeping bag?


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