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Treasure hunting and gold prospecting, in general, searching for gold, are excellent alternatives (or complement) to a 9-5 job.

Who can do it?

If you love nature and adventure, you like outdoor activities, than you can go for it!

The good news are that you will easily find everything needed for your lucrative hobby at one place!

Let's take a look at some high-tech metal detectors for treasure hunting and gold prospecting!

We shouldn't miss the newest Garrett's all-treasure and gold metal detectors, famous among people hunting coins, relics, jewelry or gold nuggets!

The cheapest is Garrett Ace 250, an all purpose microprocessor controlled metal detector.

ace metal detector


Next model is Ace 350 improving its performance.

Both are entry level price and top sellers, featuring graphic target ID, adjustable discrimination and levels of sensitivity and depth, coin depth indicator.

Ace detectors will get you into the hobby and will serve you for years!


Garrett AT Pro is waterproof up to 3 meters, ideal for hunting coins, relics and gold nuggets, perfect for ghost town hunting and stream detecting. This is a deep-seeking, all terrain gold detector.

The higher frequency of AT Gold is optimized for gold, the detector includes two discrimination modes for coin and relic hunting, plus a pinpoint mode.


You can also meet the top of electronic gold prospecting technology with the Lobo metal detector's automatic ground balancing feature. Lobo self-adjusts for changes in mineralization and lets you find gold nuggets in the soil.

The ease of use of Cibola is due to the default search mode, set to silent search discriminate and the threshold-based all-metal mode. It's a perfect metal detector for both novices and seasoned treasure hunters.

Gold Prospecting Equipment

Black Cat Mining offers a selection of gold panning kits assembled with quality equipment that includes gold pans, books on hobby prospecting and a selection of tools to help you pan for gold.

The smaller kit offers the basics of a good panning kit, plus a Garrett 1/2" classifier. The pan is a Proline 14". The professional kit features a top of the line professional gold pan, classifier, snuffer, vial and how-to book.

You can choose from heavy duty steel pans 6, 10, 12 or 14 inches in diameter, plastic gold pans with deep wide bottom, riffles and rough textured sidewall for catching fine gold. Don't miss Garrett's popular Gravity Trap Gold Pan that has been a popular choice among prospectors for many years.

The Professional Gold Pan features six riffled traps to catch your gold as the lighter material flows out of the pan. The gold pan is the most basic and essential piece of prospecting equipment.
Nothing beats a sluice box, one of the best methods of gold prospecting and the next step up from a gold pan. A sluice box can process a good amount of material in a day and provides really efficient gold recovery.

The smaller sluice box will satisfy the needs of most backpackers. You can put it in the trunk of your car, in your canoe. It fits in a 5 gallon bucket for quality and efficient gold recovery. Proline's largest sluice box features a wide flare, hinged riffles, ribbed matting and more.

Black Cat Mining offers a high quality line of geological tools like rock hammers, picks, chisels and other tools, built to last .

Find all necessary crevice tools for scraping material out of cracks and crevices in bedrock, Kevlar reinforced neoprene gloves, underwater viewing and gold nugget sniper scopes, trowels for more precise digging, and crevice suckers.

Hand or quiet, efficient motor powered dredges, will ensure an amazing suction and fine gold recovery. Most are equipped with deep water high pressure compressors or low pressure air compressors. The highbankers and dredge combos run as highbanker or 2" suction dredge.

Spiral panning machines and bowl concentrators are suitable for easy fine gold recovers. The popular Blue Bowl gold concentrator is one of the top selling pieces of final cleanup equipment on the market.

Rock crushers, and dolly pots will add you to make big rocks much smaller. Enrich your arsenal with a large variety of lapidary equipment and supplies, rock tumblers and polishing kits.

Gold prospecting and mining books and maps, cover information on where to find gold and how to pan for gold, how to set up a sluice box, how to start dredging, running a high banker or dry washer. Other books cover rocks and minerals, rockhounding, fossils and gem collecting. Most interesting books cover treasure hunting, metal detecting, relic hunting, ghost towns, lost and buried treasures, ship wrecks etc.

Enjoy the professionalism, the competitive pricing and speedy delivery of the team! You can start easily your gold, mining and mineral adventures with their quality gear, books and maps.


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