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How to adjust the amount of insulation of your garment to the changing outdoor conditions?


Klymit Double Diamond Kinetic Insulated Vest

The Kinetic Double Diamond Vest is manufactured exclusively by Klymit with a unique multisport and multifunction design for the warmth and comfort of your body. This insulated vest is thinner and lighter than anything else, standing apart from the rest of insulated garments.

NobleTek Variable Insulation

Users can adjust the amount of insulation on the Kinetic vest for any temperature and condition. This vest has a bunch of individual welded air pockets that can be filled and emptied to change the amount of warmth. NobleTek gas chambers fill up with air or argon and allow you to adjust the amount of inflating gas to let you control the degree of insulation. The chambers run vertically in a double diamond pattern, which gives the vest a distinct look when inflated. The pattern laminates are welded in a proprietary high-tech processes, making a durable fabric with consistent flexibility. Heat sealed gas chambers have distinct tube style design for optimized warmth and comfort. They conform to your body snugly, so the vest never loses loft like traditional insulation do. Unlikely any down garments, double diamond chambers do not create cold spots due to uneven distribution of insulation. Punctures are repairable with the Tear-Aid Patch Kits.

The vest comes with a dry air pump for inflating and deflating it. The air inflator is situated in its own zipped area within the left-side pocket. You can use argon instead of regular air for even more warmth by connecting a small, portable canister to a valve in the pocket. If you acquire the Argon Starter Kit, pull off the inflator pump and attach the Argon inflator to the tube. The vest is easy to inflate and deflate. Inflation is adjusted by the use of a regulator dial on the left side of the chest. You can purge the Klymit Double Diamond vest with the release valve on the left chest area.

Fully inflated vest can last up to three months before all the argon gas dissipates. One canister can provide two to six fill-ups depending on the vest's size. Klymit claims a 4mm layer of argon has the same thermal conductivity as 14mm of the best synthetic or natural insulators.

NobleTek products allow for compact storage and easy access. Even when inflated this comfortable vest still remains low-profile and flattering. Kinetic Vest is less than 0.2mm when deflated and can fold up in the supplied stuff sack or back pocket.

kinetic insulated vestThe insulating value of this vest is pretty phenomenal. Argon is a safe inert gas, non-toxic and non-flammable. It is colorless and odorless. Argon is denser than air. The reason noble gases are great insulators is because of their low thermal conductivity. Argon is virtually weightless. By changing the gas volume in the vest you will modify your insulation within a large scale with no change in weight. When temperature drops, you can shoot more argon into it to increase the insulation.

The vest is breathable. Argon molecules are larger than nitrogen and oxygen ones, which allows ambient air to pass through but retains the Argon gas. The air pockets allow for moisture to escape and keep the loft intact. Pressurized chambers of argon are windproof because never collapse when inflated.

Klymit products are not affected by moisture, the insulation keeps your core body warm – even when your cloths are completely wet for hours. This top of the line product can be used in all four seasons – from torrential summer rain storms to near freezing temperatures. It is extra long in length and you can sit down without getting wet. You can wear this vest in any weather conditions. It can get completely soaked and still provide warmth and help keep your core temperature regulated because it does not use any down or synthetic material that you must dry.

The vest has minimalist design and modern appearance. It hugs the body especially when inflated. The cut of the garment looks athletic and it fits well with various levels of inflation. Details such as stitching, hems, and zippers, are well done. Drawstrings compliment both collar and waist for adjustable fit. Ventilation is enhanced while deflated.

The low friction polyester shell is a durable and soft 4-way stretch fabric which maintains its thermal properties when wet and even submerged. The material is abrasion resistant with flexible chambers laminated between a soft outer shell, able to handle moving around, it does not impede movements and leaves your range of motion unhindered.

The Kinetic Vest has two external pockets on each side, not roomy but sized to carry essentials and to serve as warming pockets. The front zipper has a cold barrier with a pebbled texture. It has taped and reinforced seams. The seals at the neck and the stretchy fabric allow it to seal well at the arm holes. You can use the draw strings on the bottom of the vest to tighten it up and prevent air-flow.

Designed primarily for snow sports the vest keeps and holds warmth for preseason skiing. It can hold up to the extreme conditions with a technical top layer.

NobleTek insulation can help rescuers to raise the core temperature even in wet conditions. The vest maintains its softness and utility in sub zero temperatures.

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