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Cross 4 Neoprene Kayak Shoes are suitable for year-round use: kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, rafting, wading, sailing

NRS Cross-4 Neoprene Wetshoe

With their well thought out design and adjustability, they are comfortable, easy to get on and off and have good traction.


The soles are very thick and protective when going over shells and even over sharpest rocks, but aren’t so thick that you can’t use toes for balance. The boots are high enough to keep out water in most cases.

A velcro wrap at the top prevents small debris from entering the foot area. Boots are small and lightweight enough to take along on trips.

nrs kayak shoeDry And Warm

While not fully waterproof, the water entry is minimal even when the zipper is partially submerged (with gusset behind), and you can zip your wetsuit ankle over the booties, which helps.

Excellent in cold conditions. The insulation is good enough to keep feet from freezing in water. They have a nice snug fit and so far your feet feel really warm inside. They keep your feet dry for longer than you think walking in shallow water. Even when your feet get wet they stay warm!

Stable And Secure

They are simple, without a lot of straps to get caught on your foot pegs. They stay in place with the handy Velcro strap across the top of the foot. The strap locks the boot on your foot across the instep, keeping it on when you are pulling your foot back out of the mud. You will not jam your toes into the front as you slide downhill!

When you paddle solid traction and a secure fit are a must, so even if the unexpected swim occurs they won't get left behind.

Nice low profile for kayak cockpits, perfect for getting in and out of the kayak and great boots for paddling and portage.


The NRS Cross 4 waterboots come in whole, unisex sizes. These are very well-designed and they are comfortable without compressing your feet. The slim, rounded sole design eliminates uncomfortable edges.

Comfortable enough to wear all day in and out of the water. The soles provide support and great traction. They go on easy, stay on snugly.

Enjoy their perfect fit and great feel on your feet!

The Cross-4 wet-shoe, built with 4-mm neoprene upper provides warm insulation and extra padding for reliable insulation. They feature a titanium neoprene adhesive for increased warmth.


Don't like getting your feet wet when launching or landing your boat? Kokatat will help.

Kokatat Scout Neoprene Kayak Shoes

With so many models of water shoes on the market that offer good protection and ergonomic comfort, it can be difficult to choose which kayak shoes to purchase.

neoprene kayak shoeKokatat is one of the most trusted names in kayak gear. With Scout water shoes you don't risk soggy feet, they are providing reliable protection from moisture. Not only keep they your feet and toes warm even in snow-melt rivers, but also offer the support you need to wear them all day inside, and outside of the kayak. Their high ankle eliminates the possibility of a gap between the boot and the pant cuff.

The shoes are light-weight, made from high quality neoprene, 3mm thick and double-lined for better insulation, for longer life and no excessive rubbing. The rubber outsole and the rubber toe cap are vulcanized, the adjustable hook and loop instep strap provides shoes with good lateral support for hikes or portages, cinching them tight across the forefoot. A zipperless paddler’s shoes with a single strap closure, easy to put on and take off, just slipping right. They look very well made and durable.

The grip is rugged and reliable, biting into mud and sticking to slippery surfaces.


Water shoes are essential, but you'll need a wet suit to protect your body from losing heat, so you can stay longer in the cold water!


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