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Jackson Kayak Zen

The Jackson Zen is a river-running and creeking kayak with a fast hull and great manoeuverability, that sits nice and stable on the water for great surfing, spinning, and carving. It is impervious to currents trying to take you off line. For its length, it is actually pretty lightweight.

The kayak responds easily when you go to for attainments or need a burst of speed, It's stable, predictable, rolls well, and it likes to surf.

The seating is very comfortable. How to adjust the foot bulkhead? Pull the cord and push with your feet for the right fit. No screws or bolts to mess with. The footboard is easy to adjust when you're on the fly. The backband employs the Jackson design: simple, lightweight and easy to repair in the field. Inside there is a carry loop to take some strain off the shoulder. The knee pockets are little low, giving it a snug feel of control.

The Zen has proven itself as a river runner suitable for kayaker enthusiasts, looking for speed and high control performance. For advanced boaters the Zen is a great water boat of choice.

Once beginners are on the water the combination of stability and speed will help them gain confidence quickly. The comfort and ease of rolling of the Zen will shorten their learning period.

zen kayakThe stability comes from the flat bottom and flared sides. The volume is in the right places and doesn't inflate the hull where you don't need it. The three sizes provide this kayak for any sized boater, making it ideal for schools, clubs and families. New 'all-black' interior and extra-welded, fiber-reinforced hull stiffening contribute for a long lasting ride.

It’s enjoyable under most any conditions. While paddling Zen on flat water you will find it to be a playful and fast enough boat, with really efficient design and build. You can paddle longer distances comfortably and get out in windier weather or choppier open water conditions. Zen will excel on whitewater. Advanced boaters are going to look to the Zen as well for a big water and sporty river-running boat of choice.

The internal frame of the kayak, called 'Boat Armor' has an improved U-Channel at the front of the bulkhead that secures the front wall in place, as well as the hull support and cleat for the uni-shock bulkhead.

The cockpit set-up is stiff and strong, with a thermo-formed track welded to the hull, and a seat that is 'pressurized' between the seat brackets and floor support.

The outfitting is simple and solid and takes a few minutes to set to the user. Jackson outfitting consists of cords and cleats that are very quick to adjust. The seat is adjustable with a single thumbscrew that prevents the seat from sliding forward or back. It is on a plastic track and by removing a wingnut it can be moved into five different positions. This is the easiest to adjust seat because no tools, and no risk for the seat to slide while paddling. The system can be adjusted without any special tools and without any parts to loose.

This super simple system saves a weight by reducing the number of metal fittings. The seat pad is foam molded, and it is easy to add sweet cheeks, sold as an accessory to the boat.

The bungee water bottle holder can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes and is easy to access.

Hip pads adjustments provide good control and comfort for the kayaker. To achieve the required fit, add additional foam shims in the neoprene pockets on the backside. After placing the hip pads for a snug fit, tighten the straps to secure them in place.

With the Sure-Lock backband you will have a reliable system, strong and easier to use. For quick adjust, grab the ropes, lean forward and pull straight forward with both hands until the backband contacts your back, then lean back against the backband. It will lock immediately into the cleats! To release, pull on one or both of the ropes straight out away from the cleat.

The sliding bulkhead allows you to sit in the boat and just pull a cord to get the feet positioned properly. The safest, adjustable and comfortable Uni-Shock bulkhead system is designed to protect your legs, knees, ankles, and feet. It will absorb the shock of a pet on, without breaking. Uni-Shock bulkhead runs between two sliders and this prevents it from twisting like the standard bulkheads do. The rope and vertical pillar flex allow the bulkhead to move forward and then return to its original position. Both body and boat will remain intact. This allows you to paddle in comfort all day!

You can easily pull footplates off and load some gear in front of them! The two foam foot plate covers are to be trimmed to fit your leg length. Snug fit is best.

Flared sides provide the kayak with more secondary stability, so that you can always feel your Zen under control, even when edged heavily for carving or turning. You could hold it up with the cockpit under water.

If you move from a playboat or creeker to a river runner you will realize that river runners are significantly faster. Zen has a really good level of speed on both flat and moving water. For a river runner the Zen also boofs incredibly well. The Zen would be more than enough boat for most paddlers and a viable choice for experienced paddlers.

Jackson river kayaks offer more foot and leg comfort than any other equivalent style and size kayak. They are easy to adjust and go paddling within minutes rather than having to spend hours trying to get a proper fit. None of the hardware will corrode in saltwater so they are suitable for ocean surfing too.

The Zen sits quite low in the water and gets up to speed within two strokes, holding a line with precision. The nose seems close to the water, giving a long water line. The speed makes it easy to catch even the smallest green waves. On a wave it has great speed.

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An appealing boat for exciting adventure trips

Dagger Katana Crossover Kayak

One of Daggers latest designs, the Katana crossover kayak can be used in any conditions. It does it all, ride the rapids, surf the waves and tour the river. It's perfect for people interested in the whitewater lifestyle as well as for the expedition style multi-water trips. It can be enjoyed by advanced paddlers and beginner-intermediate paddlers love its confidence inspiring stability.

With a balanced rocker profile for good straight-line speed on the flat and maneuverability in whitewater, the boat feels much shorter than it is. The rounded stern deck shape sheds water easily and allows you to play the river, making it forgiving in moving water. Fairly flat midsection provides initial stability, while the flared side walls create good secondary stability. It lets you snap into small eddies and change direction with a simple stroke. It tracks extremely well with the skeg down.

The Katana offers a more spacious cockpit than traditional whitewater designs which refers it as a lifestyle boat. The bow and stern are well out of the water thanks to smooth rocker. Surfing is definitely possible depending on your skills.

dagger katana kayakThis versatile boat holds gear both in front and behind the seat. The bulkhead plate comes out for a safer footbrace, opening up the bow for gear storage. It features a sealed rear storage area with waterproof hatch cover, a drop down skeg for directional stability on the flat to help with tracking.

Katana comes with one of the most comfortable seating available, the Ergo Contour creek seat. Seating provides a custom fit, complete with outfitting kit, ratchet backrest, leg-support stem, a well positioned thigh braces. Padded seat and back rest keep you well connected to the boat. The foot plate is easily removed, adjustable leg lifters reduce pressure points, and adaptable hip pads let you adjust the fit for more aggressive paddling.

The Katana is available in two sizes, the 9.7 and the 10.4 to suit a wide spectrum of paddlers.
It is a very forgiving kayak in moving water. Good control and precision make the Katana suitable for higher grade whitewater. It can nicely slice in to tight eddies for a boat of its length and will take on rapids with ease.

Drop the skeg to keep straight. It will glide through calm water, the waterline length gives it enough forward speed and a pretty comfortable rate. The spacious cockpit and adjustable seat make longer trips on flat water and in the sea more enjoyable.

Overall the Katana proves to be a nice forgiving boat for beginners and a fast maneuverable boat for experienced kayakers. The kayak is ideal for adventurers who are interested in the whitewater lifestyle but who don’t want to limit their kayaking to whitewater. Great for beginner paddlers looking for a fast, stable and comfortable boat for flat-water paddling, and for advanced paddlers needing enough storage space for multi-day kayak trips and expeditions.

There is a ton of room in the large rear storage hatch, the skeg box is able to ensure maximum room, with a dry stern storage area and an oval hatch for easy access. The Katana is equipped with bow and stern deck bungees, storage straps in front, and clip gear loops behind the paddler. A plastic removable center column can be unscrewed and removed to provide additional space.

The Dagger Katana is the perfect crossover kayak, a true hybrid whitewater and touring kayak, providing you with the perfect all round boat. It excels in a wide variety of conditions

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