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Two of the warmest fleece jackets you can find!


Mountain Hardwear Men's Monkey Jacket

This is a good looking and functional men's fleece jacket, warm and comfortable, made of velvet soft synthetic fleece, designed to be breathable in any outdoor activity, like hiking, climbing, skiing, or getting around town in cold weather.

It feels very soft inside and out, it's trapping body heat, keeping you warm. The neck lining is soft and gentle on the skin. The sleeves and waist are of generous lengths so that no chilly gaps uncover during outdoor exercise.

It's cut for mountain climbing. This means a shorter torso for a harness, long arms and a very tight fit. Designed with Polartec ThermalPro Monkey Phur fabric, which maintains an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio.

The MicroClimate Zoning technology applied is a strategic lining with different materials on varying parts of the upper body. You get warm insulation where you need it and lightweight ventilation in areas that put out more heat. Resulting in a bigger comfort in extreme situations.

monkey fleece jacketWith power stretch at the cuffs and at the wrist panel, together with semi-fit design and lightweight feel, this versatile jacket gives you wide range of motion and unhindered movement during your activities, for excellent maneuverability and outdoor capability. You can move around easily with the feeling of lightness and warmth.

Men's Monkey Jacket features an external chest pocket to securely store important stuff and hand-warmer pockets to keep your hands. The front zipper is big and reliable. Sleeves are long, but the wrist cuffs keep them in place. The cuffs are cut so that the fluffy insulation is never in the way of what your hands are doing.

However this jacket wont stop any wind and any water. You have to layer over it if you are in the elements. Strong wind and heavy rain are situations to use a top shell.

The fabric compresses nicely, so on very cold days, you can cram this underneath a few upper layers without much noticeable bulk difference. Keep in mind that no matter how you intend to use it, the jacket is sized like a performance mid-layer.

High quality materials and construction allow you to utilize a washer and a dryer, as the jacket does not shrink.

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Patagonia's warmest layering piece made of Regulator fleece for maximum thermal value and minimal weight:

Patagonia Men's Regulator R3 Hi-Loft Fleece Jacket

For people drawn by cold and wild outdoors

Compressible and resilient, this Regulator fleece jacket offers phenomenal mid-layer warmth and can also be worn on its own in chilly, dry weather.

Made of high-loft Polartec Thermal Pro polyester fabric, the thick and fuzzy R3 caches heat when temperatures drop, remaining soft and comfortable against the skin.

regulator fleece jacketRegulator fleece insulation is breathable, keeps you dry on the inside and provides the same amount of warmth as a much bulkier fleece with lighter, more compressible materials. It conserves body heat while high-loft directional knit allows body moisture to wick uninhibited, for more comfort over a wide temperature range.

Polartec Power Stretch panels run along the underside of the arms and down the sides, allowing for a clean fit, full mobility and enhanced durability. Soft micro-fleece lines the collar and the cuffs, without strangling you. The zipper chin guard is great if you have a sensitive chin. Sturdy cuffs and hem lie flat so the jacket doesn't bunch up.

Nice long sleeves and draw cord hem reduce heat loss in all kinds of weather. You will dispose of two hand-warmers and a zippered chest pocket to secure your stash.

The R3 Hi-Loft features Polartec Windbloc technology which consists of a full stretch laminate between the face fabric and the interior, that provides wind protection and warmth even in the dead of winter.

This fashionable jacket, luxurious and quite cozy with its longer fleece, is gret for active use as an outerwear piece in dry, cold conditions, or under a waterptoof shell as warm-up layer for climbing, backpacking, or mountaineering.

Technical fleece for mountaineering: The North Face Men's Revolver Jacket.


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