Rock Climbing Shoes For Beginners And For Experienced Climbers

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girl climbing a rock

Climb harder and safely!

La Sportiva Solution Rock Climbing Shoes

Solution are a high performance reference shoes, for overhanging sport routes, bouldering, gym climbing and technical face climbing. They have a very original look with an aggressive and unique design since the toe is very down turned. This aggressive shoe will keep your toes in when bouldering overhanging routes. Precision and grip unlock the potential of the shoe for high level climbing.
Beginners should be using something more comfortable and not so sensitive.

sportiva climbing shoeConstruction
Wrapped in sticky grip rubber, down-turned, with molded 3D heel cup.
The power platform retains the shape due to P3 band.
The lock harness system surrounds your foot for secure heel hooking.
Fast lacing system with quick closing hook and loop closure for a personalized fit.
Marbled P3 rands with unique marbling specifications.

Aggressive shoes with down turned toe for good toeing ability on overhung terrain. It curves your foot and allows you to heel hook everything without popping out.

You might have to take them off in between climbs and you will not be able to wear them for extended periods of time. The neoprene layer on top makes the fit snug and not comfortable. Use them on the wall, but on the ground they have to come off. This is the intended fit, so you have to trade off comfort.

The down turned toe box and the little bulky heel make it unique. The  velcro strap allows fast adjustments and heel support for hooks. The rubber is hard and sticky. Designed for stepping on small holds and for roofs.

La Sportiva Solution Shoe

You can enhance your comfort on a cold day with these thin and light stretch bottoms, perfect for layering under pants.


High-traction Climbing Footwear

Evolv VTR Rock Climbing Shoes

Comfort-based rather than performance-based climbing shoe with a soft mid-sole and good sensitivity for feeling the rock and smearing. It's suitable for your first climbing adventure and allows you to master most styles of climbing.

Defy VTR has a perforated upper for better breathability. The Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) adds durability to the most used areas of the rand and provides reliable support. The finger loops at the back are great for pulling them back on. The velcro straps are really convenient to take off your shoes regularly while climbing. After a few months you have to tighten the velcro more.

evolv rock climbing shoeWith time the shoes conform to the foot and become more comfortable. They can be used for longer climbs as well. Comfortable enough to wear on long multi-pitch routes or gym marathon-training sessions. You can wear them for hours, bouldering or climbing without any issue and strap the velcro tight for higher performance.

The rubber has a nice sticky feeling and a surprising grip for a flatter soled shoe which it retains after prolonged usage.
These shoes excel in the gym bringing more comfort than edging. They also work well outside, especially on sport climbs and most outdoor climbs.

One of the best values of sport shoes on the market, Defy VTR are the top selling climbing shoes in the USA. They are advertised as a men's shoe, but are suitable for women too. Evolv-Elektra is the women's version of the Defy.


Fit in climbing shoes can be a serious challenge if you plan purchasing online! Climbing shoes should be snug but you shouldn't have pain.

Some details

  • asymmetric toe profile for good performance
  • nylon linings for comfort and management of the moisture inside
  • flexible Synthratek synthetic uppers resisting stretching
  • padded, breathable tongues locking feet in and allowing quick exits

Bottom line: a good climbing shoe for all situations, that feels comfortable, performs well and has a good price.

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Most popular approach shoe in the world for mixed terrain!