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One of the best selling boats of all time is Tsunami 145 Sea Kayak, combining recreational boat stability with touring boat outfitting. Great all purpose kayak for long day trips.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 Sea Touring Kayak

Choosing a kayak is a very personal endeavor. The Tsunami 14/14.5 is a boat suitable for touring enthusiasts. It's fully capable of handling any water. Very effective in windy conditions as well as side currents in winding rivers. The kayak cuts through the waves, it likes to be on edge. If you prefer to lean way into turns, the boat is perfect for that. It turns very well and has decent speed even at a leisurely paddling rate. It's great for fun, fitness, relaxation and fishing. Also great for photography because very stable.

Tsunami 145 kayak is offering big storage capacity and additional speed.

This boat is designed to haul a bigger paddlers with a big load which weight makes it move faster through the water. Paddlers of all sizes will find its deeper hull and roomy cockpit very comfortable. You can set up your seat and cockpit for an easy all day paddle. The seat is comfortable and quick to adjust foot rest positions and seat height/tilt.

The Wilderness seating system is comfortable. The seats are suitable for long paddles. You can lay the seat back or pull it forward, adjust the backrest height, and pull the sides up for side support all while sitting in the kayak. The thigh braces are supporting you when you are powering into tight turns.

Multiple hatches with sealed bulkheads and deck rigging let you place gear where you want it.

Consider adding a rudder kit (easy to install) and a deck skirt to your boat for changing weather conditions The kayak rudder can aid you in high winds or currents, the 1.7 deck seals skirt will keep the water out of the boat.

sea kayakThe boat has the capacity to support multi-day trips. You are able to put on the boat a large load of supplies for your overnight trips. You can easily pack a tent and a bag with clothes in the front hatch leaving the whole rear hatch for provisions.

Tsunami is a very stable boat in a variety of conditions. You will probably never paddle a sit-on-top again, after trying this one.

The deck bag is blocking water when it comes over the deck in rougher water with minimal water splash over the hull while going through rapids. The third smaller hatch is easily accessible while sitting in the boat. Spray skirt make it very aerodynamic in the wind.

This is an all around kayak for beginners and intermediate paddlers. It is a joy to paddle it for general sea-touring or camping. Suitable for getting out on the ocean and learning how to handle conditions up to moderately choppy. Especially for those who just want to enjoy the experience and are not really interested in performing all sorts of impressive moves in crazy water.


If you plan to use it on mostly solo paddling in diverse conditions and in the open sea, your primary requirement from a kayak is to feel absolutely confident in the boat. Its stability gives you confidence in big water.

Very effective in windy conditions as well as side currents in winding rivers. You will be surprised at how well the boat moves into the wind. Excellent on smooth lakes, big rivers, but also on fast rivers with rapids.

We would recommend it to a beginner or mid-level skilled paddler who wants a stable, comfortable kayak with room to spare. If you are new to kayaking the Tsunami is a great boat to start with. It's stable sitting in the water on edge, it's stable in swells.


Even if you bounce your Tsunami off of logs and rocks, it will hold up good. Paddling fiberglass or kevlar kayak in hard conditions will cause some expensive repairs. The plastic used to make this boat is very tough, resisting over logs and while getting jammed by submerged stumps .


Tsunami looks great, sporty and versatile. Deck perimeter lines, bungees, and hatches are right positioned. The bungees hold solid everything you put in them. Cockpit is keeping out paddle drip and is protecting from the sun.

Some features:

  • High-density Gen2™ polyethylene construction for extended durability

  • New easily adjustable and rugged Slide-lock foot-rail system

  • Foot-pedal-controlled rudder in cockpit for tight maneuvering and tracking in rough conditions

  • Perimeter deck lines for safety and easier entry into kayak


If you spend the extra money and get a light paddle you will make a beneficial investment.

The boat is made in the USA, and each multicolor kayak is unique!

For pictures and specifications, take a look at

Enjoy two areas of kayaking - white water and touring! Great maneuverability in moving water and easy cruise on the flat.

Don't underestimate your protection! Full face helmets that set a higher level in protection and value.


New to sea kayaking? Here's some information for you!

Sea Kayaking Safety Basics

The skills and equipment required for safe ocean touring include:

1. Kayaks

Sea kayaks are designed for efficient travel in a straight line, with load carrying ability. Their paddle is longer than a whitewater paddle for higher speed and the need to stow gear in the boat. Sea kayakers should dress for cold water immersion, they need some means of stabilizing their boat for reentry after a capsize and wet exit.

2. Skills

Since sea kayakers may find themselves far from shore, it's extremely important that they know how to recover from a capsize and wet exit. Many sea kayakers do not have reliable rolling skills so when they encounter conditions on their limits, the situation is generally quite dangerous.

3. Classification

Classification of ocean trips is different than classification of river trips. On the ocean, conditions are very strongly influenced by the weather. The change can occur within minutes or seconds.

A). SK II trips are suitable for beginners who have some experience in lake paddling. Paddlers should be comfortable paddling approximately 10 miles without assisting winds or current.

B) SK III trips are suitable for intermediate paddlers. The paddler should be able to control the boat in moderate wind (~10 knots), handle small wind waves (1-2 feet), to be able to paddle 15 or more miles a day, preferably over several days.

C) SK IV trips are suitable for advanced paddlers who have experience with steep wind waves, strong wind (~15 knots), paddling in strong currents, and crossing strong eddylines.

The river is one of the best places to develop rough water skills. On trips inexperienced paddlers should be paired with experienced paddlers.


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