Whitewater Kayaks Mamba And Diesel

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white water

Two of the best whitewater kayaks on the market!


You can have a great time on the river with this sturdy and reliable boat.

Mamba 8.6 Creeker is the big boy of Mamba kayak series, one of the leading all-around kayaks on the market.

It's designed to be fast and predictable on whitewater. Big volume and good volume distribution make resurfacing fast after a big drop. The boat lets you tackle creeks or big water rapids. Best for paddlers who want to carry more gear with them for longer trips, and for the all around kayakers also.
Feeling comfortable in a boat is so important! The fully adjustable Contour Ergo outfitting can be set up easily and has plenty of comfort and safety features.

Rocker breaks and profile have been engineered for more speed and crisper carving on really heavy runs. The well designed rails and a the rocker profile make the kayak faster and easier to control preventing tripping when sliding. The rail is tucked under the bow. This allows water to pass under the boat, rather than hit the sidewall. The 8.6 has enough volume in the stern and the chine adds great carving ability.

whitewater kayak

The roto-moulded creek seat and bow pillar make the whole boat stiffer and stronger. The size 12 feet brings more foot comfort. The softer edges and pronounced bow rocker ensure that the kayak deflects impacts and punches through holes comfortably.

Some design features:
Adjustable contoured hip pads
Adjustable bulkhead footbrace with foam padding
Precision adjustable backband and thigh braces
Ergonomic leg lifter
Adjustable gear storage system
Reinforced step-out wall
Molded-in drain plug
Deck brace, 5 security grab handles, 2 security anchor points
Bottom line: Dagger Mamba kayak is able to create for you a comfortable environment for longer multi-day expeditions.

Wave Sport Diesel 70 Whitewater Kayak

As a whitewater kayak, the Diesel 70 is capable of running harder rapids. It delivers good performance in many environments, from river running till full on creeking. It is very comfortable with a roomy cockpit and easily adjusted outfitting.


The kayak is combining a high volume deck with a performance-oriented unique hull design. The peaked deck profile allows predictable and smooth resurfacing. Planing hull stays on line in the most powerful rapids. Diesel doesn't get slapped side to side like ordinary round-hulled creek boats. Displacement hull and continuous rocker keep the kayak agile on more technical water. The crisp rails and flat hull allow for the paddler to carve fast turns and to play river features.

Proven performance on the water

Smoothness will be your first impression. The Diesel is a fast boat, holding nicely its speed. It runs rapids like a creek boat and will spin on green waves.

It's also a nice boat to roll. The gradual rocker break makes boofing holes, surfing waves, soft landing, an easier job. It's faster than any other river runner.


Thanks to the short length, rounded bottom, and increased flared sidewalls in the bow and stern, the kayak will be highly maneuverable.

It paddles well and responsively, no need of huge amount of correction to hold it on line, easy to make quick changes in direction.

What you get

The Diesel is a playful boat, quite forgiving on whitewater, which gives you the confidence to try new experiences. A boat for all occasions, ready to handle any situation. It will allow kayakers to have fun doing most things on the river.


wave sport kayakYou will like this nice looking go anywhere kayak with a beautiful rocker profile and made of plastic that feels strong.

The removable covers over the thigh braces make them easily custom fitted. The thigh braces have two positioning options for left and right rotation to suit the angle of your thighs. They wrap around, supporting the outside of your legs.


  • two-way adjustable padded seat
  • forward adjustable padded backband
  • adjustable hip pads and thigh braces
  • adjustable rotomolded bulkhead foot brace

The CORE WhiteOut Play outfitting system will ensure fast response and reliable control of the kayak. It incorporates easily adjustable seat with a tools free system, leg lifters, foam hip pads and auto-adjusting bulkhead footrest.

Best kayaks for exciting adventure trips.

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