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Have you ever thought of stand up paddle boarding as a whitewater sport?

Jackson Kayak SuperCharger SUP board

This is a river running board used for whitewater and river surfing. Designed for challenging whitewater conditions, it is the only board that can take the beating without any injury. SuperCharger offers superior stability, and it punches through holes and waves, allowing you to turn quickly. This board can make you a better downriver paddler.

As with all Jackson Kayak products, the paddleboard is high quality, built to last. It's thick, wide and short, with the good primary stability that is necessary for downriver stand up paddling. The SUP board is giving you confidence, when crossing eddy lines and powering through river water. In addition to the width, its flared sidewalls deflect current, adding more stability. The front deck is peaked, as a whitewater kayak, which helps the board resurface quickly and predictably.

The plastic is tough! It's constructed out of the same material as a whitewater kayaks. Built out of roto-molded plastic, this board is highly durable and impact-resistant. It takes hits to rocks with no damage. You can boof and bash rocks, drop or drag the board, and it will keep on ticking.

Scupper like holes on the bottom and the scalloped design add strength to it. The channel bottom improves the rigidity of the hull and increases speed and control over turbulent water. Removable fins allow best tracking and quick spin. This is a board that will outperform in the river environment.

Wide and stable, the board has some extra volume at the nose to help shed water and to make it easier to paddle through rapids. The increased stern ensure that the board pops up quickly in whitewater chop. The stern also has bigger rocker so that you can surf waves and pivot quickly when navigating tight river sections.

Flat deck and foam padding on it provide a non-slip surface that improves your ability to maintain balance in whitewater. Deck features water-repellent coating so water rolls off the top easily. You will stay on your feet through nasty rippers, through holes, and you will handle twisting shores with ease! The deck pad is soft so that if you get knocked down in a rapid, you land on soft surface. It makes paddling for extended periods of time more comfortable on your feet. The main deck is also slightly lower than the sidewalls. This lowers the paddler’s center of gravity, which also is helping with stability while adding stiffness and strength to the board. The lower center of gravity increases primary stability, the excess water can run off the back of the board.

Breaking fins are one of the biggest problems in river SUP. Rivers are shallow and have lots of rocks which leads to popping off a fin or breaking your fin box. This board comes with thruster fin boxes that are part of the rotomolded plastic, so no fin boxes to crack! Also, the fins are soft and flexible. Even the base of the fin flexes to dissipate impact energy. They are easily removable for shallow rivers, and easy to add for better tracking in flat water conditions.

supercharger river sup boardThe SuperCharger comes with a GoPro mount to connect all kinds of cool stuff on this board. There are straps on the front of the deck for a cooler or anything that you want to bring with you. Webbing straps on the bow allow for the addition of dry bags or other accessories. Multiple recessed screw fittings on the deck will allow you to easily add and remove optional devices. By using a thumb screw you could add a kayak seat on it.

Five balanced and soft grab handles make the board effortless for carrying. The center handle in combination with the side handles allows you to climb back up on the board quickly after falling in the water.

Fast and smooth on flat water sections, the board has unmatched stability for riding on the rapids. Pivot turns are easy because of the wide tail. It is stable when going through chop and waves and pretty easy to turn into an eddy.

The weight of the board keeps it from flipping over during a fall, and makes it stable when paddling through rapids, holes, waves and choppy water. On the other hand, heavy weight makes it difficult for one person to carry long distances or to load it on top of a car.

SuperCharger is much less expensive than the majority of comparable SUP’s and it will outperform any other river SUP board on the market, being probably the easiest board to paddle down difficult whitewater.

Overall, a great river SUP board that is fun in the rapids, with good design features, bombproof construction, and a competitive price.


The best touring board for the money!

Riviera Voyager 12'6" touring SUP board

A stable board in any water condition that is primarily used for touring. It has all the features of a race board but has been toned down making it more stable and user friendly. Basically its race board shape allows the board to paddle better, faster and to glide easier than the traditional surf style SUP board. The Voyager is designed for someone who wants to paddle flatwater or mild open ocean conditions.

In fact touring and occasional race boards are the ticket for a lot of people. If you don't surf, no reason to get a typical all around board. Distance and recreational paddling will be so much more enjoyable on this type of board. You can get a race shape inspired board, ideal for most flat-water circumstances. Racing style boards glide faster, and are more quiet.

The displacement hull allows efficient cutting through the water, making long paddles easier than a standard surfboard shape cruiser. Voyager has a cutting bow with a little more forgiveness in the shape of the nose for a very smooth, quick glide. Cruisers are great for recreational paddling, touring, aerobic workouts, and mild downwinding.

With its displacement nose and 12 feet, 6 inches of length, the board is capable of carrying around 300 lb of total load. And with 16 lash points between the tail and nose, it will carry a lot of gear for long paddles or day trips.

Voyager's best feature is the price. It's one of the cheapest cruiser. You can't get as good of a displacement board for this cheap anywhere else.

It's a little wider than most race boards, very stable, which makes it ideal for beginners. The width and overall volume, offer a good solution also for people who want to fish from.

The Voyager is designed for flat water and mild open ocean paddling as it's tall, but flat rails will cause some problems in rougher conditions. Great for rivers, lakes, and flat water. The flat top is perfect for yoga and relaxation.

Going into the wind and having the wind behind you both make for a pleasantly smooth ride. When the chop come from the side it's still easy to keep on track.

Voyager is equipped with 14 leash plugs to tie down all your gear on the nose and tail. You could load it up with all of your gear and not lose stability.

This is a great flat water cruiser that is beginner-friendly by design with box rails for stability. A great family board as well thanks to its super stable build, good for most reluctant, most unbalanced, or largest paddlers.

Solid Riviera construction makes this board extremely durable while keeping its weight low. The board is built using multiple layers of fiberglass bonded to an EPS foam core. This manufacturing process brings incredible stiffness and lightweights making this board extra durable! The entire board is coated in a high grade seal to help prevent scratches and dings. It has a good quality deck pad. Standing platform covers most of the deck for good traction.

Compared to any of the other boards, Voyager is by far the fastest. Suitable for anyone who is looking for a quick, stable and sturdy board, not willing to surf, attracted for its clean design, light weight, easy paddling and terrific value.

Do you need a very light, high performance racing paddle?

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